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And some of the rich are

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5776. And some of the rich are

by SolonPol, 11/26/12 12:27 AM

Re: Ineptocracy by SolonMoreCynical, 11/26/12 12:27 AM

And some of the rich are
greedy parasites that live off the destruction of others, like Mitt and Bain, no better than a common thief (except in their dress). There are business men who innovate and create jobs (few) and there are those that copy, overcharge, underpay, and outsource. Mitt never created any jobs, he destroyed them.

The best Mitt would do is screw the poor AND THE MIDDLE AND UPPER MIDDLE CLASS OF SOLON, while serving his real constituents - billionaires!

So you silly Solon GOOPERS were willing to pay for Mitt's billionaire perks, just to see the lower class kicked in the a$$. It's typical totem pole human nature, the top kicks the middle and the middle kicks the bottom. If kicking the poor makes you feel better about getting kicked by the top, you need to have your head (morals and ethics) examined.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The No Good Terrible Haunting of SolonJoe3

5703. The No Good Terrible Haunting of SolonJoe3, Part 1, Take 3
by SolonHiker, 11/01/12 1:34 PM

Election Eve, 2012. Midnight at SolonJoe3’s House. SolonMoreCynical and SolonJoe3 take the last gulps of their Miller High Life bottles.

Cynical: So, it’s final then, Romney’s the choice.

Joe: Absolutely. No doubt. Right down the middle.

Cynical: OK, got it. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow afterwards. We can go get a beer and bid Obummer adieu.

Joe: Great. Send him back to Kenya where he belongs. See you soon.

Cynical exits and drives home. Joe promptly removes his pants, sits back in his favorite recliner relishing in the upcoming vote.

Joe: I’m gonna Fire them All Fire them All Fire them All … I’m gonna fire all them Dems.

Suddenly the lights flicker throughout Joe’s house. The TV blaring Fox News shuts off. A deep and terrible chill descends upon the premises. The lights go out. Mr. Whiskers leaps out of an open window.

Joe: What the . . . It’s COLD in here. Arrghhh, where are my pants???

A grim and terrifying visage hovers over the television set.

Joe: Oh . . My . . . Is it . . .??? Can it be . . .??? Biker????

Ghost of SolonBiker: It is I, Ghost of SolonBiker, dim shade of the netherworld.

The house shakes. The refrigerator rattles. Joe jumps underneath his kitchen table, cowering in fear.

Ghost of SolonBiker: It is not I you need to fear, thou dimmest wit of the living.

Joe (trembling): . . . What???

Ghost of SolonBiker: Oh, puny creature, thou hast most to fear of YOURSELF.

Joe: Does everyone talk so funny when they turn into a ghost???

Ghost of SolonBiker: Silence, knave. I dine with Chaucer and Shakespeare, not Fox and Friends.

Ghost of Biker waves his arm, and a chair flies thru Joe’s television set, as the refrigerator door opens and 25 bottles of Miller High Life explode.

Ghost of SolonBiker: Your grim fate hangs in the balance, and oblivion is at the door. On this eve you shall be visited by three ghosts who will demonstrate your grave peril and predicament. Heed their message or suffer the consequences.

Ghost of SolonBiker vanishes, and Joe collapses in fear.

The Ghost of Solon’s Past Enters

Ghost of Solon’s Past: Come along, dimwitted creature, we have far to travel.

Joe floats up into the air, out the window, and high above Solon.

Joe: I can see Giant Eagle, and I can see City Hall, and I can see . . .

Ghost of Solon’s Past: Silence, idiot!!!!

Joe and the Ghost of Solon’s Past land at the library, mid morning, the year 2000, Election Day.

Joe: Why, this is quite strange. Is this . . .???

Ghost of Solon’s Past: Yes, it is. The year is 2000, now watch.

A young SolonJoe approaches the voting booth.

SolonJoe3: Why, it’s me. Oh, what a dapper looking fellow. Look at the spring in his step. Wait, can I tell him to just buy a few thousand shares of Apple stock . . .

Ghost of Solon’s Past: Observe, or suffer the hellfires of your own stupidity.

Young SolonJoe: Oh, what a fine day. It’s great to be alive in Solon. . .Well, this George W. Bush sure does look good. Why, we can have a stronger and greater military, even though we’re at peace. We can have less regulation … so we can free up the banks and wealth creators to turbo charge our economy forward. And we can have tax cuts. Great big tax cuts. Income tax cuts. Dividend tax cuts. Capital Gains tax cuts. Estate tax cuts. We can spend down the surplus, and return this money to the people, especially the rich people. And it will all balance out, because the Republicans are the party of fiscal discipline.

Young Joe pulls the lever for George W. Bush.

Suddenly SolonJoe3 summersaults back through the air, crash landing back into the present. Long lines of For Sale signs litter the landscape. Police sirens can be heard a few blocks away. The East Coast of the U.S. is under assault from Hurricane Sandy, the latest in a series of global warming-fueled super hurricanes. News of the 12th year in Afghanistan blares over the TV. A national debt clock shows $16,000,000,000,000 and rising. Unemployment fallout from the banking crisis still looms heavy.

Ghost of Solon’s Present: Here you see the consequence of your actions. Can you comprehend the relationship???

SolonJoe3 spots a Mitt Romney yard sign, and smiles widely.

5703.1. The No Good Terrible Haunting of SolonJoe3, Part 2, Take 3
by SolonHiker, 11/01/12 1:36 PM
Re: The No Good Terrible Haunting of SolonJoe3, Part 1, Take 3 by SolonHiker, 11/01/12 1:36 PM

SolonJoe3: Why, this Mitt Romney sure does look good. We can have a stronger and greater military and play a bigger role in the world. We can lead with strength, even as we buckle under two Asian land wars. We can have less regulation … so we can free up the banks and wealth creators to turbo charge our economy forward. We can drill baby drill for more oil, and forget about that Al Gore goofball and his silly warnings of global warming. And we can have tax cuts. Great big tax cuts. $5,000,000,000,000 of tax cuts. We can keep all the Bush tax cuts, and then we can have a whole new round of tax cuts. Income tax cuts. Dividend tax cuts. Capital Gains tax cuts. Estate tax cuts. And it will all balance out, because the Republicans are the party of fiscal discipline, and because Mitt Romney says it will.

Ghost of Solon’s Present shakes his head. Suddenly Joe rockets up into the sky, landing on a dark and ominous night in Mt. Olive.

Joe: Is that . . can it be . . . (Joe looks at a gravestone reading SolonJoe3).

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Yes, indeed it is, imbecile. Observe thy grim fate.

SolonJoe3: . . What happened???

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Wherefore hast thou eyes whence thou surely cannot see???

SolonJoe3: Ummmm ….

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Mitt Romney happened, thou perpetual fool of Solon.

SolonJoe3: But I don’t understand, he seemed like such a nice man and he promised we could have tax cuts, and we could privatize Social Security, and we could voucherize Medicare, and all would be great . . . Where did it go wrong???

Ghost of Solon’s Future: If ignorance were bliss, thou wouldst swim in a sea of ecstasy. Hell itself would surely quiver at the thought of turning its books over to Romney’s Republicans. It was all a big lie. The tax cuts happened on day one. The cuts were promised by the end of year one. They never happened. Well, not the middle class cuts, just the ones for the poor folks. The national debt now stands at 25,000,000,000,000. And healthcare, it got repealed, but never replaced. 70,000,000 people are now without health insurance.

SolonJoe3: Oh, man, is that what got me???

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Silence, puny simpleton. Global warming has accelerated, and big storms are constantly wiping out regions of the U.S. that used to be unaffected. We’ve entered into two new Asian land wars in Syria and Iran, without any end in sight. We’ve suffered two new banking meltdowns after Romney gutted Wall Street reform. There’s no longer a U.S. based auto industry, as the ongoing recession took out Detroit, and Mitt really did let it go bankrupt this time around.

SolonJoe3: Oh, wow. That sounds bad. So, what got me, the lack of healthcare, the flooding, what was it???

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Alas, great knave of Solon, thou hast hoisted thyself on thy own petard.

SolonJoe3: That doesn’t sound good, can you translate??

Ghost of Solon’s Future: In 2014, Mitt Romney outlawed beer and alcohol.

SolonJoe3 (turning purple): Well, ummm, ummm . . . .

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Your response was, shall we say, unfortunate. Alas, now meet your final warning.

Ghost of SolonJoe3: Heed my warning, mortal fool supreme. Canst thou see thy dim future now??

SolonJoe3: Well, is there beer in heaven at least???

Ghost of SolonJoe3: How would I know that???

SolonJoe3: OH, MY!!!!

Ghost of Solon’s Future: Amend thy ways whilst thou still hast time. Else, thy dim future shall be thus.

Ghost of SolonJoe3: And, would you please put some pants on. I’ve gotta go thru all eternity without any pants because of you. Do you know what that’s like where you’re headed???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solon Issues

Solon finally posted a link to the text of the issues on it's home page:

Issue 87 - full text here - Charter Amendment to allow Zoning changes as an emergency but still requires a vote.
The current GE issue is an example of why this was proposed, with early voting, and the requirement for 3 readings and a public hearing, zoning changes need to be prepared well in advance of the election to get on the ballot.

Issue 88 - full text here - Nominating Petitions Deadline
This issue was requested by the BOE from over a dozen cities.

Issue 89 - full text here - Allow Pet stores in Uptown Solon

Uptown Solon is one of several "restricted retail" zoning designations.  This would remove that restriction.

Issue 90 - full text here - Amend restricted retail zoning

Enterprise Parkway is one of several "restricted retail" zoning designations.  This would remove that restriction.

Issue 91 - full text not on Solon's site -  GetGo Liqour license, local issue in Ward 6B only


Issue for next time - Rezone 2.5 acres between GE and Carrington Court Senior housing to Office.

The PD has a voters guide here and their endorsements are here.

Judicial Ratings can be found here.

Note:  Shirley Strickland Saffold while endorsed by the Democratic Party but was caught by the PD using social media during trials before her, this has caused ALL bar associations to rank her as NOT RECOMMENDED for a score of 0.0.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Council Oct 15

Live update, Click refresh

Last Update:  10/16/12 3:00 pm   Updates in blue.

At caucus

GetGo discussion on pump advertising, Mooney asked why the restriction, Frankland said zoning,  Mooney wondered aloud why every gas station in Solon ignores that.

A link to the text for Solon issues is on the Solon home page on the right side.  Also see this post.

The purpose of caucus is to review the Agenda thus removing confusion during the meeting.  But it is becoming more of a trend to rush through the agenda so they can start the meeting early and then go into executive session BEFORE the scheduled 7:30 start time and then typically starting the meeting late while the public waits.  This has several negative consequences

  1. No chance for constituents to discuss an issue BEFORE the council meeting
  2. Agenda Confusion 

At this meeting Agenda Confusion occurred several times

  1. xx

Executive Session, Late Start (as has become the norm)

At mtg

Paulson blasts SOM Bridge msg board project, both on distraction and expense.

Item 1 Solid fence to reestablish privacy removed by Pettibone Rd project.

Police chief withdrew safety concerns. Resident spoke. Council let valences stand.

Item 3/2  GetGo var discussed. Some confusion on handling the agenda.

Bollards replaced with planters and smaller bollards (because of zero curbing).

Wing walls to hide outside vending for propane and ice.

Mooney used to work at BP and things planters collect trash, prefers shorter, fewer bollards. Russo concerned about maintaing plants. Toni supports this.

This smaller location not likely to be 24/7 unless traffic warranted

Variance allowed to stand without objection.

Site plan w revised planter/bollards approved 5-2 with Mooney & Russo voting NO.

 Item 2 old bollard plan removed 7-0.

Item 11  Rescheduled public hearing on zoning of land between GE and Carrinngton Court

First developer asked for time and to delay rezoning to office. Has option to buy.

Three legal issues
  • Moratorium
  • Emergency zoning
  • Rezoning

Gross builders (Senior Center) talked in supporting rezoning to office. They have homes very close the parcel. Noise, hours, smells.

Pelunis agrees with developer.

Meany said it should go to voters.

MasterPlan and zoning recommendation to rezone back to office

Mooney thinks office unlikely small on such a small parcel.

No action can occur until at least Jan 25? Or longer depending on issue 87.

More agenda confusion.

Mooney motioned to move to ballot 5-2. Kraus & Pelunis voted against it.

Item 13 Referred to planning.

Item 14 New rules on city easements passed as an emergency.

At roundtable

Bell thanked passage of item 14 to make it clearer.

Mayor had 6 announcements
  • Mail-in ballots require 65 cents postage.
Leaf pickup, not in street, see web.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Message Board

Here are some suggestions for the electronic message boards proposed from the forum:

“If you have time to read this message, it means you’re stuck in traffic “

“I went Tijuana and all I got was this lousy message board”

“Look at our million dollar gazebo up ahead! Your tax dollars at work”

“See that building over there? Subsidized opera inside.”

“We would have gotten the two million dollar message board, but we had to give a million to Nestles”

“Drive safe: No texting- it makes you take your eyes off the road”

“Only 180 shopping days to Home days”

“Thunderstorms and fireworks tonight”

"Avert eyes, CVS building ahead."

"Can't sleep at night?? Try counting bollards."

"Day Glo Eagle thanks you for obeying the speed limit."

"It's called Western Reserve. And we own it."

A cartoon of Stryker walks across the screen, and he says: "Got drugs?? I'll get YOU!!!"

"Now Playing at the SCA: "Don SolonJoe3"

"Welcome to Tree City USA ... except for the Bainbridge Road part."

"FOR SALE: Lightly used million dollar message board"

"NOTICE: All signage must comply with our zoning ordinances"

"Don't blame city hall! You elected us" 

Don't Blame Us For That Ugly Vacant Gas Station ... We Wanted A Double DriveThru McDonald's

Please Double Flush in Solon . . . Our Sewer Rates Depend On YOU!!!!

Need a Driveway Variance??? Take a Hike!!!!

Earn Rewards. Report Outlaw Treehouses.

An e-picture cartoon of SolonJoe3 appears, being chased by an empty pair of pants: "Approach with Caution. Phone City Hall if Sighted."

Is there such a thing as a "Western Reserve" font?

"If you like this sign, thank a Taxpayer, if you don't, blame those people over there"

"Welcome to Solon, this way to the Giant Egress"

"You are here ↓"

"Aurora Rd - 0.1 Miles ahead - 15Min"

Question? Are these the same people who wouldn't let Walgreens get an electronic sign a couple years ago because it would be too much of a distraction to drivers and pose a major safety issue???

"Variance? We don't need no variance. We don't have to apply for no steeenking variance!"


Choice 2012

You can watch the debates, but for an interesting insight that won't be in the debate, watch the PBS Frontline special.

Watch The Choice 2012 on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.
Click here for the full video.

Trouble with Elections in America

DRAFT, Check Back

Last Updated 10/16/12 12:10 AM

I'll have some comments, but I wanted to get this video list out...

Practical Problems

Voting Block Party Platform Voting

Systemic Problems

As if all the practical problems aren't bad enough, our election system, when you view just the facts has many problems, so many problems, there's a YouTube Channel for it, that I highly recommend...   CGPGrey  He does other interesting videos too, but here are the ones related to election processes.

See these videos:

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained
Our method is closest to this, but its main problem is it devolves to a two party system with many voters not happy with either party causing an alternating power between the tow parties with neither one being liked by most people.

The Alternative Vote Explained
This method makes a slight improvement to the past first post method in that a third party can actually gain power without becoming a spoiler, thus allowing for productive evolution of politics beyond the two party system.

Mixed-Member Proportional Representation Explained 
This is an interesting method that allows parties to be properly represented to overcome spoiler voting.

Gerry Mandering is a century old way that we have corrupted the election process.  See the following videos.
Gerrymandering Explained 

Multiple Party Gerrymandering

The Shortest-Splitline Algorithm: a Gerrymandering Solution

Tne following videos show how our antiquated system with its bizarre oddities can deprive the public of the will of the majority.

Primary Elections Explained

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Safety Oct 10

Live blogging... Hit refresh to get latest updates.

Last update: 10/10/12 10:40 PM

Bells mic is off for the whole meeting.

Item #4 Kruse drive signal is "unwarranted" so ODOT regulations require that it be taken down or paid for.  An agreement was made that the shopping center will pay for it.

Item #5 Russo introduced the item as URS (external traffic engineer) will not get an automatic renewal as they did last year.  Everyone was quick to point out that nothing is wrong with URS, its just that we should have a competitive bid.

Item #6 BB Rd sign, engineering asked for sign, police chief doesn't know why. There was a sign. Since chief was not for it and asst Eng didn't know, delayed until next time. 

After the meeting one lone citizen clarified the issue for the asst city engineer, traffic engineer, committee chair and Mayor.  There has always been a sign there, previously it had words, during construction it was the new pictogram sign and now that BB Rd is "done" it was removed.

Unfortunately the person who needed to hear it (Police Chief), had left immediately from the meeting.

Item #7 Resident suggested 2nd right turn at Nestle. Eng agrees it's a problem, but believe 2nd lane would be abused.

Item #8 Mayor, electronic msg boards on SOM bridge. She sent a memo to council covering this item. This will complete the center of town master plan.

Retaining wall $175K
Bridge $675K
Msg Boards 2 x $50K

Still must get RR approval

City community signs 4 x $15K

Mayor wants to pass this to finance and budget for next year.  Mayor can't wait for RR to do it, they plan 50-100yr not 5-10yr as city's do.

Kraus very supportive, Bell ditto, right time to do it, Russo ditto? , in keeping with new development. Russo not sure if community signs fitting in, ie. coming in E on Aurora, shocked at bridge cost.

Kraus recommended, but mayor back pedaled, she wasn't asking for a recommendation  just for budget only, so Kraus modified his motion.  Russo is on finance and safety, other finance members are Mooney (fiscal conservative) and Meany (favors administration).

Interesting that the Mayor is bringing this item forward rather than Frankland and that Frankland did was not there to support the Mayor's request.

Solon Patch covered this here.


Friday, October 5, 2012

US Military Role in the World

What is the purpose of the US military?

To protect its citizens?
To defend against Communism?
To protect national interests (oil)?  
To spread democracy?

With the recent failures of communism we've moved to policing the world.

Did our founding fathers envision this as a suitable pursuit?

Is it patriotic to pursue being the world's policeman, or is it arrogant?

Mitt said he'd increase the military by $2 T without them asking.  This will surely ring well with certain crowds who feed on patriotic machismo and bravado  and it will be great news to defense contractors everywhere, but is it the right priority for limited resources?

Besides the bills and dead citizens, what rewards are there for being the world's police?  Do we get a break on oil prices for saving Kuwait facilitating a near eutopian society that has no taxes, free education to PhD level, free health care, etc. ?  No, we don't even get their oil exploration contracts that they've mainly awarded to China.

Check out an interesting film on this very topic.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Death of SolonBiker

5636. The Death of SolonBiker
by SolonHiker, 10/04/12 7:16 PM

Marymount Hospital. Internet Chat Forum Character Ward.

Cynical: Well, it’s not looking good for Biker.

SolonPol: Look at how pale he is, like he’s just fading away.

Bystander: Hey, Biker, get with it!!!! Where does it hurt??

Biker: Well, my foot feels kind of weird.

Cynical notes that Biker’s foot has disappeared.

Biker: And my right arm doesn’t feel quite right.

SolonPol notes that Biker’s right arm is missing.

Biker: And my ____ doesn’t feel quite right either.

Solon Forum gasps in horror.

Bystander: Well, umm, hang in there buddy.

Walley walks in with five dogs, which immediately jump up on Biker.

Walley: Hey, get down, boys … oh, gosh, they’ve eaten half of Biker.

Cynical: Not the dogs.

Walley: What’s going on here??? Interactivity Manager walks in.

CCIM: Well, it looks grim, it’s time to put him out of his misery.

SolonPol: Wait, what are you talking about???

CCIM: Look, he’s too much trouble, he’s taking up valuable time. He keeps disappearing and coming back, disappearing and coming back. We’ve got better stuff to do. Besides, his health insurance is awful, and we’ve tapped it out.

Biker: That’s OK, I understand. It’s a far, far better place I go to than I have ever been. It’s a far . . .

SolonJoe3 walks in.

Joe: Hey, everyone, what’s up???

SolonPol: They’re going to put Biker down.

Joe: Oh, gosh, that’s not right. Hey, get him a beer first.

CCIM: We don’t allow beer in here.

Joe: I didn’t know the Mormons run this place.

Biker: That’s OK, I think my mouth is disappearing anyway.

Joe: Hey, have you voted yet???

Biker: . . .what???

Joe: Oh, forget it. Hey, since you’re not going to need those pants anymore . . .

SolonBiker dies.

CCIM: Well, thank you for coming, gentlemen. Now, who gets the bill???

Solon Forum Crew quickly disappear into the night.

5640. SolonBiker's Funeral (Part 1)
by SolonHiker, 10/05/12 1:19 PM

Mt. Olive. Early October, 2012. A grey, brooding and blustery day.

SolonPol: We have gathered here to pay our final respects to SolonBiker. He was taken from us too soon. Not by a texting teen in a SUV. Not by a nasty dog and a lousy invisible fence. Not by a side swiping deer/bike collision . . .

Pettiboner: KILL ALL THE DEER!!!!

SolonPol: Please sit back down . . . this is a funeral, not a Council meeting!!! As I was saying, he was taken out by the anonymous Interactivity Manager . . . and I’d just like to say that I think that’s . . . Interactivity Manager cuts in.

CCIM: May I remind you that there are restrictions here, and that any one of you may be deleted, with cause or without, at my sole discretion. SolonBiker was ambitious, and has violated our rules by re-posting deleted posts again and again. He had become an annoyance to us, hence his deletion. I shall leave you here, then, to say a few words about your deleted and departed friend. Interactivity Manager exits.

SolonPol: Well, I believe Bystander wants to say a few words.


Friends, Solonites, fellow Forum Characters
Lend me your ears!!!!
I come to bury Biker, not to praise him;
The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones (and their bikes),
So let it be with Biker … The noble Interactivity Manager
Hath told you Biker was ambitious:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Biker answered it …
Here, under leave of Interactivity Manager and the rest,
(For Interactivity Manager is an honourable man;
So are they all; all honourable men)

Come I to speak in Biker’s funeral …
He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
But Interactivity Manager says he was ambitious;
And Interactivity Manager is an honourable man….

He hath brought many posts to our Forum,
Whose humor did the hours fill:
Did this in Biker seem ambitious?
When that the poor have had need of healthcare, Biker hath wept:
Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
Yet Interactivity Manager says he was ambitious;
And Interactivity Manager is an honourable man.

You all did see that at Home Days
I thrice presented him a kingly carbon fiber steed,
Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
Yet Interactivity Manager says he was ambitious;
And, sure, he is an honourable man.

I speak not to disprove what Interactivity Manager spoke,
(As speech hath never been a great friend of his)
But here I am to speak what I do know.
You all did love him once, not without cause:
What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?
O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason…. Bear with me;
My heart is in the coffin there with Biker,
And I must pause till it come back to me.

5640.1. SolonBiker's Funeral (Part 2)
by SolonHiker, 10/05/12 1:23 PM
Re: SolonBiker's Funeral (Part 1) by SolonHiker, 10/05/12 1:23 PM
Bystander finishes speech, and sits back down.

SolonPol: Thank you Bystander. That was moving . . . and a little long.

SolonJoe3: I’d like to say a few words.

SolonPol: Sure, sure, go right ahead.

Joe opens his coat, revealing a six pack of Miller High Life, he takes a couple gulps and starts.

SolonJoe3: Well, for a lefty, Commie, Socialist, Muslim Apologist Defeatnik, Biker was an OK guy. I drink to Biker!!!

Solon Forum Gang all reach into their jackets and pull out beers to toast Biker.

SolonPol: Well, now we have a few religious words to say about Biker.

Priest: In the name of the Father, and the Son . . .

Bystander: He wasn’t a Christian!!!

Rabbi: God full of mercy . . .

SolonPol: He wasn’t Jewish.

Imam: In the name of Allah . . .

SolonJoe: He wasn’t a Muslim. Wait a minute, I’m not so sure about that one.

A fleet of black limos and SUVs drives in. Out pops Mitt Romney.

SolonPol: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Mitt Romney: I’d like to say a few words.

SolonPol: I don’t think that . . .

Solon Forum Gang drowns out SolonPol: Boo, Boo, let him speak, let him speak!!!

Mitt Romney: As a Mormon Elder (aka Bishop) of long standing, I come here today to bless this marriage and join SolonBiker to SolonSue . . . and to ChagrinFallsChrissy . . . and to BedfordBetty . . . and to TwinsburgTammy . . .and to . . .

SolonPol: This is a funeral, not a wedding.

MittRomney: Oh, yeah, right. Well, in that case, we gather here to posthumously baptize the heathen heretofore known as SolonBiker so that he can join Joseph Smith and our Mormon community in the one true heaven.

Rabbi glares at Mitt Romney, and SolonForum Gang scratch their heads as Mitt Romney drives away in his limo.

SolonPol: Well, what do we do now??? This isn’t going well.

Walley steps up.

Walley: Well, I made some calls and pulled some strings, and they’ll take him.

SolonPol: What are you talking about???

Walley: I got him into Dog Heaven.

Solon Forum Gang sighs in relief.

SolonPol: Well, that concludes our ceremony today, may Biker rest in . . .

A thunderous noise overtakes the proceedings . . . suddenly a team of black helicopters appears over the trees, with the lead chopper landing at Mt. Olive.

Bystander: Is that . . .???

SolonMoreCynical (aka Dick Cheney) steps down from the lead helicopter, wearing a bomber jacket with dark sunglasses . . . and speaks into a Walkie Talkie.

Cynical: OK, team, lower it now.

A large object slowly descends from the rear helicopter over Biker’s grave, revealing a bollard as Biker’s gravestone.

SolonPol: Are you kidding me??? Where did you get that thing from???

SolonJoe3: We bought that bollard. We the taxpayers!!! We bought all of them!!!! Do you know how much we paid for those things??? $500 a pop!!!! For a bollard!!! And we bought 200 of them!!!!

Cynical: OK, Joe, we get the idea. Now finish this thing up so we can go get some beers. Cynical points to a formation of Marines standing ready to deliver a 21 gun salute.

SolonJoe3: FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Council 10/1/12

Live blogging... Hit refresh to get latest updates.

Last update: 10/1/12 11:20 PM

In caucus

Item 1 - Echo NOT present to discuss bollards.

Item 4 removed from consent. Fence issue for more privacy doesn't meet see-through zoning requirements. Russo concerned about precedent. Mooney wants Police Chief review. Drucker n Bell agree it's needed for privacy of hot tub.

Russo has conflict with item 8.

On the floor

Item 2 - Nestle here in force (6) to present their new R&D building.

Variances needed because of MetroPark Req to have no buildings within 300 ft. Very heavy buffering at park and Cannon. Trees on 5 ft mound

Room for expansion. 150K 3 story glass/steel building. Reiterated that a gate separates RD from factory.

Grass height var to allow high natural grass behind screening.

No objections to var, so they stand. Site plan approved by counsel w contingencies.

Item 12 Neptune Plat on 2nd reading, people have come to speak against it.

It was handled like a second public hearing. [This is unusual, but its the higher level of resident concern with the support of their councilwoman, that gave them this extra opportunity to voice their concerns.]

Resident voiced objections, and questioned who would be responsible. Two residents spoke, of the 4 present.  The suggestion that the city should be held responsible was met with silence.  The developer committed to being responsible and is putting up a bond.

The developer countered that he is not a "hit and run" developer   He's been doing this for 30 yrs and lives in his own development.

Busch spoke of water issues. Busch wants to take more swags through the development away from Cleveland Sewer.

Kraus discussed the need to approve this peliminary plat to move forward and the future hurdles the developer would need to navigate.

Nancy continued to express concerns. Kraus appreciates concerns and said this has been an "exhaustive review". Mooney ready to move. Bell agrees with Kraus. Pelunis said "We've heard enough."  Toni made motion to approve, passed 6-1, Meany opposed.

Item 13 Rezoning of 2 acres near GE will get another public hearing.

Item 14 Chicago Deli is applying for a Liquor permit. No hearing requested. Russo abstained. No hint on their plans.

Item 17 Deer Mgt Program $40 / hr not to exceed 200 hrs ($8000). Passed 7-0 under suspension.

During round table

All 5 unions reached agreement w/ o outside counsel. This was pushed by Mayor.

Mayor relayed a success story with MRI Software and a job creation grant for about 240 jobs and they now have employed over 300 people.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deleting Speech and Voters


Deleting Speech and Voters (Take 3)

by SolonBiker, 09/29/12 9:14 AM
Maybe Solon Forum Delete Punk is actually an alter personality of a forum regular. And the forum regular doesn't even know that he's got Solon Forum Delete Punk trapped inside him. 

Maybe it's me. Wouldn't that be something. 

I'd spend a half hour putting some dumb imagining together, then I'd go get a cup of coffee and suddenly I'd come back, re-read it, and then Solon Forum Delete Punk would jolt to life and wipe it all out. 

Commie Socialist Biker, take THAT!!!!! 

Actually, Solon Forum Delete Punk is the walking talking personification of today's GOP. If you can't win an argument on the merits, just delete the other side. If you can't convince whole demographics of voters, just remove them from the voter population. How else to read the massive voter-scrubbing efforts in Pennsylvania. The red-alert urgency to not having Sunday voting in Ohio (after we had the biggest turnout in 2008 and none of the fiasco problems that plagued us with minorities standing in line all night in 2004 and (to a lesser extent) 2000. Why, in Pennsylvania, the state GOP couldn't even point to a single instance of the supposed voter fraud which was supposed to be the rationale for the new restrictions, which could scrub one in ten voters. Where's all that GOP/conservative skepticism about adding new laws to the books in this case, where you've got new laws scrubbing millions of potential voters without a shred of evidence supporting such a need??? 

The nation absolutely must renounce and reject this, and by a wide margin. It's nothing less than the perversion of the democracy we're all supposed to cherish. 

And shame on all the GOP voters, who just keep looking the other way and supporting this rancid party no matter how low they go. Until the day comes that the SolonJoe's and SolonMoreCynical's out there can't stand the stench, we won't see this end.It's just amazing how you put up a post, and then literally a few seconds later you come on a piece of news that shows you that, yep, the Corrupticans are really even worse than you thought five seconds ago. 

So, as one state after another uses their newfound Tea Party majority legislative and executive branch control to do EVERYTHING in their power to scrub minorities and students off the voter lists ... they're hiring firms to do the very things that they're blaming the other side for. The same thing they did in 2000 and 2004. Hire the dirty trick firms, tell them to push every single margin, then when they get caught claim they had no knowledge of what was being done. This was all exhaustively documented in 2000 and 2004, and here they go again. GOP new national mission to pervert the fundamental transaction of democracy (voting) down to banana republic levels. Right on schedule.


Great job, Biker!!!

by GarryKanter, 09/29/12 12:48 PM
Re: Deleting Speech and Voters (Take 3) by SolonBiker, 09/29/12 12:48 PM
Imho, voter purging as a means of voter suppression is a treasonous act.

God help these gullible people when *they* are considered the RINOs.


First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Solon Forum Delete Guy

SFDG for short, seems to have honed in on our good buddy SolonBiker and made it his mission to purge the forum of his liberal speech. Rather unAmerican if you ask me. One would hope that good conservatives, even GOOPERs, would have enough patriotism to recognize and respect constitutionally protected free speech. But no, the new new-GOP, near fascist right, only believes in rights for them selves, the other 47 % to 99 % only exist to be of service to the 1 %.

The SFDG takes advantage of the Forum's Inappropriate Post feature by abusing it to auto delete posts it deems too liberal and thus not protected by the 1 percent's constitution.

Sure the Dems have their problems, but consolidating inefficiencies to benefit the few, the rich, the elite, isn't the solution. The odd thing is, if Mitt won, with the help of ignorant GOOPERS who never vote Dem, those same rabid GOP fans will never get any benefits other than the usual lip service.

The GOP is a party that should be put out of it's misery so it doesn't have to stoop so low to cater to the fanatical lunatic fringe. Now the party can't even attract intelligent candidates any more, they get the likes of Jeb's dumber druggy alcoholic brother, an air head Alaskan Governor who doesn't know geography and the most recent Mitt, who can't even run a campaign, let alone a country. In its place should be a mainstream party that can solve problems and have an IQ over 100.

Mitt's got just one thing going for him, he IS NOT BARACK, and that's not saying much at all.

SolonJoe Says


SolonJoe Says

by SolonPol, 09/28/12 7:13 PM
Vote for Mitt Romney... That's all, nothing more, over on the site that advertises its the voice of Solon. It's a very infrequently updated site, started at the same time and by the same ISP as the official Paulson mayoral campaign sites.

It's first issue was SolonJoe3's rant against all non-Bob Solon politicians that got joe from SJ1 to SJ3. SolonJoeN admitted that he had access to the site but denies its his.

Then it took on other issues, School Levy Defeat, McDonalds, and now Mitt. 

Previously the site had lots of content to backup its issues, now for Romney it has absolutely nothing. I guess its implied that you need to vote for Mitt because he isn't Barck... There's no hint of why Mitt is better, probably because even Mitt doesn't know why, Mitt's running on the vote for me cuz I'm not the other guy, the weakest excuse ever, with hardly any attempt to say why.

I'm sure when SMC and Joe post responses to this non-local issue post that the SFDG (Solon Forum Delete Guy) will be conspicuously absent...

So SolonJoe3, why not contact your former ally at and ask him, where's the beef?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Re-Re-Booting the RomneyBot

5620. Re-Re-Booting the RomneyBot (Take 9)
by SolonBiker, 09/27/12 2:38 PM

Hey, Joe, ya out there??? I'm getting tired of re-posting this dumb thing. But I wrote the last half at your special request, and I don't even know if you've seen it because it's been so rapid-fire deleted. Here's my ninth attempt . . .

Rove: It’s not working. The re-boot failed. We’re down 8 in Ohio, and there’s no map that wins without Ohio. We need another re-boot. Where’s that Joe guy????

Campaign Manager: He’s not happy, he says he needs more pay.

Rove: Look, we’ve got Trump, we’ve got the Koch brothers, we’ve got Adelson … tell him he can name his price. We’re talking about the White House!!!

SolonJoe3 and Solon Forum Delete Punk walk in the door.

Joe: Greetings, fellow Corrupticans, what do you need???

Rove: It’s not working, Obama’s increasing his lead. We need another wipe and reload.

Joe: How about if you release his taxes so that . . .

Rove: Not an option, I mean he can’t even fill in his tax return without identifying USA as a foreign country. Can you imagine what’s in the ten years we’re withholding??

Joe: OK, well maybe if he put some detail into his tax plan, I notice 4 trillion in cuts, but I see no specifics about how you’re going to . . .

Rove: Look, that won’t work either, we don’t need political advice, we just need to get this stupid thing working.

Joe: OK, well about my price …

Rove: Name it, the sky’s the limit. What do you need, how many million . . .

Joe: Well, I was wondering if we could maybe upgrade from the lite beer to regular. You know, maybe Miller High Life instead of Miller Lite.

Rove (scratching his head): Yeah, I think we can do that.

Joe: OK, bring in the RomneyBot.

Mitt Romney walks in.

Joe: Wipe and reload, Delete Punk.

Delete Punk: “ “

Joe: OK, let’s see what we’ve got . . .

Mitt Romney : Bonjour, mon nom est Mitt Romney. Je suis un robot envoyé sur Mars pour aider à l'anéantissement de la planète Terre. Mon taux d'imposition est de 14%, ce qui me fait mal, mais je dois paraître un peu comme un être humain, donc je accepter cette imposition.

Joe : Yikes !!!

Rove : Look, we sent it to France during ‘Nam. We could never get its combat program running, so we sent him on a Mormon mission in a French château. We think the French is a virus.

Joe : Delete Punk, get rid of the French.

Mitt Romney : Let Detroit go bankrupt !!!

Joe : Delete Punk, you’re fired !!! Get out of here !!!

Solon Forum Delete Punk exits stage left.

Mitt Romney : I like to fire people who provide me services.

Joe : Does this thing have a mute button ???

Rove : We’ve been looking and looking, but we can’t seem to find one.

Joe : Where did this thing come from ???

Rove : The papers said Mars. Is that in Kansas ??? Some guy who calls himself Marvin the Martian and he . . .

Joe : Hold on.

Joe takes his pants off, grabs a wrench and starts hitting the Romneybot on the head.

Mitt Romney : We won’t let people die of heart attacks in their apartments. We’ll send them to the ER, and they can die there.

Joe : Well, that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

Rove : Well, you’re the miracle worker, that’s for sure. Looks like a winner for sure now.

Joe : Now about my price.

Three cases of Miller High Life get wheeled in.

Joe (putting pants back on) : Great doing business with you.

Joe starts walking out the door.

Joe: But, you know, maybe I could also get …

Rove : We thought you’d never ask … Hold on.

Condi Rice walks out the door, and takes Joe by the arm.

Joe : Well, you know it IS the White House . . .

Rove : Right, right, hold on.

Ann Coulter walks out, takes Joe by the other arm.

Joe: … and we’ve got a Muslim Socialist in the White House . . . .

Rove : OK, OK … you win … bring in the big guns !!!

Condi Rice and Ann Coulter walk out the door, and Sarah Palin walks in . . .

Palin : I hear I’m moving to Solon.

Joe : You betcha !!!!!

Palin : Well, I’m gonna need a variance so that I can still see Russia from my back porch.

Joe : Oh, don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of your back porch.

Mitt Romney: Russia is Public Enemy #1 !!!!

5620. Romney Reboot take 10
by solonjoe3, 09/28/12 10:34 AM

Romney: These darn democratics will stop at nothing to slander my good name!

Joe: I know, I know. It's so unfair.

Romney: Thanks Joe. Here's a thousand dollars.

Joe: Thank you sir.

[SolonBiker rides in on his carbon alloy super cycle. His svelte frame perfectly matches the precise engineering in his Chinese made racer.]

SolonBiker: Joe! How could you? Romney is just rich a-hole.

Joe: Well, you never came through with the Asian twins and he gave me a thousand bucks.

Solonbiker: But I gave Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.

Joe: Those gals have been ridden a few too many times if you know what I mean. Not that there is anything wrong what. Sure, hanging with experienced gals may be fine for you (I've seen the pictures of you with Pelosi.) But I am vigorous.

SolonPol: Joe what are doing? This post is sure to be taken down by the delete punk.

Joe: Heck, I don't care. I've got me a thousand bucks and I'm gonna buy me a beer truck.


5620.2. Following Up
by SolonBiker, 09/28/12 2:44 PM
Re: Romney Reboot take 10 by solonjoe3, 09/28/12 2:44 PM

Joe: Why, thanks, RomneyBot. Wow, a thousand bucks!!!! Imagine how much beer I'll be able to buy with that!!!

RomneyBot: Oh, heavens no, Joe. We don't condone of that sort of thing. No, this is for your Medicare. It's a prepay on the coupon we'd like to give you when you're 65 . . .

Paul Ryan: (loudly coughs and clears throat)

RomneyBot: When you're 67 . . .

Paul Ryan: (loudly coughs like a cat spitting up a hairball)

RomneyBot: (weakly) Er, um, when you're 70 . . . (nervously looks at Paul Ryan) . . . Yes, yes, it's a downpayment for your Medicare when you're 70. Now, all you have to do is invest that with a 400,000x return on your investment like I did with my offshore IRAs, and you'll be truly golden in your golden years.

Joe: Why, gosh, I knew there was a reason I always vote for the R team!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For those who doubt me

This post goes with my Forum entry 5582. Hey Eddie, I'm OK by SolonPol, 09/05/12 1:34 PM

Yes, I really was at Panannis drinking while posting on the Solon Forum....

Raspberry cheesecake, Guinness Stout, Laptop

Laptop on Solon forum in foreground, Northeast Gas Station (across from Pannanis) in background.

So here's the iPad controlling my desktop at home with the laptop next to it...  The photo is deliberately  out of focus so I didn't reveal too much...

Damn I have to be one sick puppy...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bubba's BBroad Ignorance

5481. Bubba's BBroad Ignorance
by bbrdres, 06/09/12 11:37 PM

This is of course in response to post 5476. titled ".BBroad Crybabies.." whose outlandish  punctuation gives the author away as bubbaburgers and whose strange posts is only outdone by his total ignorance about the BB Rd project.

This post won't last long so you can find it in a safe place on and of course you can follow the BB Rd project on which has a sidebar with reference documents, etc.

He says, with his usual punctuational flare " your state check, call a landscaper and have trees with state cash and shut up already..!!!!!!!!!!!!.."  Then later accuses Joe of not doing his research.

First, there was no state check, it was a county project, that outsourced real estate issues to OR Colan (a private company) who low balled the 150+ residents so the county could issue the lowest compensation possible.

If Bubba was paying attention, to my posts or my blog, he'd know that the average OR Colan offer was $100 per mature tree over 20 ft and smaller trees were offered less.

What do you think a 20 ft tree costs to buy and install?  More than $100 maybe?

Bubba please enlighten us on a what we can get with all that cash from your landscaper.

As for "shutting up", that's just what local govt would like, and what nearly everyone on BB Rd did, they STFU because everyone knows you can't fight city hall.

Well a few of us didn't know that, so we formed an LLC, pooled money, put our own experts on retainer and we tried to fight the county first on the unnecessary million dollar temp road that the city requested and will most likely have to pay for in the future.

We were surprised the county didn't care but the city (former law director Matty) raced in to demand the wasteful road...  Why?

The city promised to help restore property damaged by THEIR temp road, but that same law director proffered an illegal agreement that our lawyers insisted we could not sign.

In court the county tried to blame the city and the jury was not too happy with that stunt nor the invalid city contract that was admitted into evidence (Call me Lobe).

When a dozen people raised issues with the low estimates, the county spent THOUSANDS of dollars per case on outsourced experts to prevent fair compensation as state law requires, rather than offer that money as a good faith counteroffer.  When we won our first case where it was proven in court that OR Colan low balled residents and where a jury decided the proper compensation should be much higher, the county appealed the case, spending thousands more but offering the residents nothing.  When they lost the appeal they took their sweet time cutting the checks.  Some residents are still waiting for their compensation.

When govt wants to abuse its residents, it is only the brave and perseverant who stand up for the betterment of ALL CITIZENS.  Be glad there were a few brave people who called the govt on their misdeeds while others (like you Bubba) languished blissfully in their ignorance.

BTW Bubba, did you know this free project has cost the city over $1.2M so far?  If you did your research before you opened your big mouth, you'd know that.

So Bubba, I'd like to tell YOU to just ...$%^@ S .. T .. F .. U .. !!@$

5476. .BBroad Crybabies..
by bubbaburgers, 06/08/12 7:54 AM 

Re: Almost forgot... by GarryKanter, 06/08/12 7:54 AM your state check, call a landscaper and have trees with state cash and shut up already..!!!!!!!!!!!!..

5476. Standing up to the "man" is not being a cry-baby!
by solonjoe3, 06/09/12 11:10 AM 

Re: Almost forgot... by GarryKanter, 06/09/12 11:10 AM


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers to kick-off the 2 Party Political Season:
















































Thursday, February 16, 2012

Budget Hearings 2012

STATUS - ROUGH DRAFT, last update 2/16/21 1:30 am

Some highlights from the second budget meeting...

Each dept head was called to take the "hot seat" to answer questions led by Mooney (the Finance chair) on Revenue Summary (if applicable), Staffing, Operations, and briefly Capital Requests.  Full details on revenue fees will be held at the March and April Finance Meetings. Discussions of the budget line structure were also made for better reporting along with comparisons to prior years. While Mooney led the questions, Russo and Meany occassionaly asked questions too.  Coucilman who were present occasionally asked questions.  Bell and Pelunis were probably there for most of it.  Kraus and Richmond were also present for some of it.  The Mayor sat next to the "hot seat" and was active at the meeting until called away to the Planning Commission.

Strong concerns were raised about health care costs increasing 15% per year.  The three biggest dept are $3M.  Something different must be done, not just bid, Russo said a mandatory wellness program where if you particpate you get lower health care contributions, if you don't you are hit with the full health care increase.

There was a lot of discussion about the recreation/community center/grantwood dept...

  • Silver Sneakers is a successful revenue generator.
  • Staffing reduced by 1 FT cleaning supervisor by privatizing the operation as other city buildings did.
  • Unfunded Mandates - Pools had to replace drains with new drains for govt mandated safety.  New ADA requirements will require a second handicapped entry at all pools, even the hot tub.
  • Programs for latch key kids are on a sharp rise, 65 kids, could get 125 if they had capacity.  Soccer way up, BB up, softball down, flag football down.
  • xx
  • xx
  • xx
Senior Center
  • xx

  • Adding a budget line for software rather than lumping everything together
  • Computer training credits used up in 1 yr rather than 2, staff will do training internally
  • Equipment Maintenance Plans were scrapped, they are now being reactivated so vendor will provide HW & SW service
  • VM Server setup will be at City Hall and Police Dept (presumably to back each other up, no discussion on config of VMs and DR setup)
  • Will be upgrading software to consistent levels, eg Office 2003-2010 currently installed causing frustration and confusion (Chief Shaw example),
  • Wireless Access improvements
  • Will review tablet use by city hall and council
  • Committee pleased that all new PC purchases go through IT dept and they will be doing a lifecycle replacement (this is a common practice in business that was just introduced to city hall)
  • In a few years IT may explore VDI to reduce desktop expense (also a common business practice)
  • Some added costs to new IP based phone system ranging from $250-$290K for compatibility and regional county dispatch PSAP
  • Cell repeaters will be installed in Senior Center and possibly the community center
  • Russo strongly objects to improving cell service at the community center, you are there to exercise, not use cell phones, called it "foolish".

  • Outside fees - $100K
  • 8 collective bargaining issues will need to be resolved this year (thanks to Issue 2)
Remaining Issues

  • Capital projects and Bond prepayment will be covered at special finance meeting (on camera) Tue Feb 21 at 5:30.
Public Records
The Finance Director mentioned this issue at the first hearing, specifically for his dept, but it is a city wide issue.

  • Need a Records Retention Plan
  • Deal with, eliminate old paper records
  • Reduce paper volume by scanning

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SolonPol is no more

My posting to the Cleveland Solon Forum has come to an abrupt end... I made many politically charged statements under the screen name of SolonPol and for that I received criticism, threats, post deletions, personal info released on the web, emails from city officials, etc When harassed I stood up and fought back calling people who wanted their privacy but were invading mine out for who they were... Apparently the Plain Dealer thought it better to get rid of one rabble rouser than all the people harassing him for speaking up on political issues. This is truly a democracy in action, the masses have voted and I lost. No good deed goes unpunished, we can see that today.

5156. SolonPol is no more
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:38 PM

Check it out, every single post and my ID are gone from the Solon Community Forum , just happened in the last hour. Probably this one (BBRdRes) too will be gone very soon... Good riddens, Joe and others stifled everything I said anyway.

But isn't it grand to live in a country that values free speech so much that it allows harassment and name calling for some and just completely silences others...

I'm not talking about deleting a few posts where I call my harassers names, I'm talking about EVERY SINGLE POST I'VE EVER MADE, even friendly posts, chit chat posts, etc. EVERYTHING!

NO WARNING, no notice, poof scorched Earth, posting one hour, ID AND ALL POSTS gone the next, on a Sunday no less.

God Bless America, because it sure needs it as fouled up as it is.

5155.2. He was killed
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:49 PM
Re: Where's McPol today? by lostlimber, 02/12/12 5:49 PM

off of this forum, for speaking his mind, for defending his rights, for being unpopular for both sticking up for and criticizing the current admin. He didn't joke, he didn't whine, he seriously wanted better for Solon, he didn't fit in.

His reward, banishment from the forum! That will teach anyone here to seriously talk of politics.

5156.1. What the ???
by SolonBiker, 02/12/12 5:48 PM
Re: SolonPol is no more by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:48 PM

Wait, is bbrdres = SolonPol?? They disappeared SolonPol??? What in the world is going on here?? I would have to think this is a correctable error.

5156.1.1. No error - RETRIBUTION!
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 6:12 PM
Re: SolonPol is no more by bbrdres, 02/12/12 6:12 PM
FREE SPEECH isn't really free, never has been, never will be!

Yes its me, I have 2 IDs, BBRdRes which I haven't used much since the election and SolonPol which has been banished for pissing off the trolls and the city.

But using a new ID, right after being banished is a good way to get it deleted too. They've sent me a none to subtle message and I'm not as dumb as LL who continues to harass despite being asked to stop. This isn't the forum asking, this is them demanding.

It takes a lot to get a permanent ban and deletion, ask Joe, he's 3 for a reason, he used to be SolonJoe1. Seriously Joe, I'd like some advice on how it went down with you, did you get a blanket delete of everything or is that a new feature of this updated forum?

So Biker and Wally, I've enjoyed our chats, but I am officially persona non-grata here. You know my web site and my email solonpol at gmail dot com... But here on the Solon Community Forum, I've been run out of town...