Friday, September 28, 2012

Solon Forum Delete Guy

SFDG for short, seems to have honed in on our good buddy SolonBiker and made it his mission to purge the forum of his liberal speech. Rather unAmerican if you ask me. One would hope that good conservatives, even GOOPERs, would have enough patriotism to recognize and respect constitutionally protected free speech. But no, the new new-GOP, near fascist right, only believes in rights for them selves, the other 47 % to 99 % only exist to be of service to the 1 %.

The SFDG takes advantage of the Forum's Inappropriate Post feature by abusing it to auto delete posts it deems too liberal and thus not protected by the 1 percent's constitution.

Sure the Dems have their problems, but consolidating inefficiencies to benefit the few, the rich, the elite, isn't the solution. The odd thing is, if Mitt won, with the help of ignorant GOOPERS who never vote Dem, those same rabid GOP fans will never get any benefits other than the usual lip service.

The GOP is a party that should be put out of it's misery so it doesn't have to stoop so low to cater to the fanatical lunatic fringe. Now the party can't even attract intelligent candidates any more, they get the likes of Jeb's dumber druggy alcoholic brother, an air head Alaskan Governor who doesn't know geography and the most recent Mitt, who can't even run a campaign, let alone a country. In its place should be a mainstream party that can solve problems and have an IQ over 100.

Mitt's got just one thing going for him, he IS NOT BARACK, and that's not saying much at all.

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