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Christmas Wish Deemed Inapropriate

Originally Posted as 3108. Chutzpah/bbr/3097
by bcorky, 12/26/09 11:06 ET

I had to work until 4:30 Xmas eve (fiscal year end) and had company coming for dinner that night so I was too busy to answer this before Christmas but it still deserves a response.

PERHAPS if there were more bbr's in the world keeping tabs on elected officials at all levels we wouldn't keep finding and getting the cavalier 'let them eat cake' attitude we find much too frequently in politicians.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if people had been paying attention, all the shenanigans at the county level would not have taken years and the feds to unravel. I see in the PD that shyster Norton who won the mayor's race in East Cleveland is already lining his pockets and their budget problems are legendary.

My Christmas wish is for THOUSANDS of bbr's who care enough to hold our elected officials' feet to the fire and I thank God daily for our free press because if we lose that we're screwed.

These responses were logged, then CK responded to SolonPol with a reference to Drugs and Comas and then the whole post was removed.

   1. Perhaps by solonjoe3, 12/26/09 New!
   2. agree-squeaky wheel gets... by solonrider3, 12/26/09 New!
    Sorry SR3, your post wasn't still in my cache, so I missed capturing it.
   3. You are all wrong... by SolonPol, 12/26/09 New!

Originally Posted as 3108.1. Perhaps
by solonjoe3, 12/26/09 11:48 ET

As I've said before, I applaud anybody who steps up and speaks in public. We need more of that. But on this forum, endless personal attacks, while often humorous, are in the end tiresome.

Council and Mayor need the input from citizens to keep them on their toes. But I've also noticed they can make bad decisions to appease a squeaky wheel.

A famous example is our sink hole guy. The city spent taxpayers' dollars to investigate a private matter that they knew was nonsense. That is a public gift to a private person.

In the case of Bainbridge road, the real harm was committed by the county, not the city. Yet the city will use city dollars to appease the residents. This is also known as welfare for the middle class or robbing peter to pay paul. Now I don't mind robbing "Rob" to pay everyone, but subsidizing private citizens with city money is not something to celebrate.

The squeaky wheel accomplishes this. Talking loudly and often at meetings sure does this. But quality, logic and fairness in speech is just as important as "showing up" with a confrontational personality.


Originally Posted as 3108.3. You are all wrong...
by SolonPol, 12/26/09 17:08 ET

Nothing is as it seems, its all a grand illusion controlled by da machine, a matrix in which we feel we have control when we actually are manipulated.

bcorcky - there are a thousand bbr's, of the thousand, many hundreds are never heard from, of the hundred that are heard from, its only for a moment and then the true power mongers (on this forum those are the trolls - Joe3, BSer, CK) are drowned them out with useless noise. Only a few, by shouting at the top of their lungs, by getting livid with the Troll Power Structure here and IRL, are actually heard long enough that a few people notice. And the few people who do notice don't even hear 25% of what they say. BBR has been censored even on Christmas Day, that's because da machine, da trolls, da censors, never sleep, they know no holiday.

Joe3 - King of the Trolls, Village Idiot, part of da machine, the Solon Gulluci to his Russo master. You have ALMOST everyone fooled. You are da machine. Da Gullucci. The drowner out of the squeaky wheel. The Paulson Propagandist. And the purveyor of many lies and half truths, just as in this post...

FACT - No one in Solon gets $14M, its not even $14M anymore, it was downsized last week. No one in Solon gets to touch it, not for a moment, yet all covet and answer to the Illusionary God of Free Money.

FACT - To this day, there is a cover up of the MOT 2 way decision, many people have asked, many people have lied and obfuscated to prevent the truth from being known. The result is that over 1 million dollars will be expended for the cheapest grade of concrete to handle the MOT in an unprecedented manner (full width construction) involving over a quarter million sq ft of pavement, 5000 cu yds, over 500 full truck loads, to be used for less than a year and put in a land fill. Only when this project is over, and the court depositions are dry, and the naturestone driveways are awarded to the power mongers behind this gift to the pavement company will it be clear. Common citizens duped again, with the help of the Gullucci led trolls shutting people up and lying to protect the guilty.

FACT - The city is in fact responsible, it has been stipulated to in County Court by County Officials willing to throw City Officials under the Bus when it comes to money. Joe, don't speak of what you don't know, it makes you sound more ignorant than I assume you are.

FACT - He who has the money rules, developers have money, they have overbuilt on swap land in Solon causing many water problems. The city allowed them to do that. They share culpability, they know that, and try not to admit it in public too often. Do you suppose its the sink hole guys fault? Those in the know, know better, and so do you Joe, but you've chosen to lie about it.

SR3 - Yes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but before it does, it generates lots of friction using lots of energy and causes great personal toll. Alas the squeaky wheel gets the grease too late and is heard from no more. There is more hope with Susan in, but still there is much power of status quo for even her, with all her energy to deal with.

So lets all have free beer at the Annex, maybe the trolls that run, shout down, drown out, stifle, and censor, this forum (lead by Joe), will drink one too many and fall from their high stool, so the common citizen can once more be heard from.

Woof  Woof

Monday, December 7, 2009

Reasonable People

Originally Posted as 3036. Who are these by SolonPol, 12/7/09 14:01 ET

Who are these reasonable people of good will.

There are none on this forum, thanks to Joe/Bob and his merry band of trolls. You've polarized this forum into the Bob's and non-Bobs.

You (the greater you of Bobs) have done it and then you try to deflect blame on the non-Bobs. Typical Bob, victim of a witch hunt, every problem is caused by his opponents.

Dirty Drucker, what a sick joke, she couldn't come near Bob's dirtiness if she made it her lifetime goal.

How have you done it? Propaganda, shouting down, post flooding, lies, name calling, on and on. Almost an impressive attack if it weren't so demented.

No one can post anything without a Bobist retort, even if it isn't remotely connected to Bob.

And now this holier than thou approach from the Stander of By... "You broke no rules". Well if you really didn't then the rules need to be changed so that one man BOB can't hijack an entire town.

Oh and give credit to Joe/Bob for that technique, he dreamed it up first. And if I didn't swallow that turd from the master of deception, I certainly won't take it from the likes of you.

But as karma would have it, we have the last laugh, Bob can rule this cesspool, because he'll never rule this town.

He had his chance, when he found deep pockets, and he blew it. He'll never get that backing again and without it he'll never have a chance at office.

Join me in a big round of Boo Hoo Bob, Hip Hip Hooray for Susan.

Friday, December 4, 2009

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Deer Culling

Posted as 2988. Most would agree  by walley, 12/2/09 7:46 ET

Most would agree that the deer population in some areas needs to be reduced. A lot of us are simply outraged at the method that is being used. Considering the amount of money Solon has already spent, we could have tried a more humane method. Birth control was suggested but poo pood by all the "experts" as too expensive and ineffective. So, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on White Buffalo and then paying even more to have the carcasses processed into ground meat, are we any better off?

We're still paying someone to come every year and kill more deer. The deer people told council that culling was not a permanent solution, White Buffalo told council the same thing and now, 5 years later someone finally realizes that something is wrong with the plan. I hate to bring this up but, WE TOLD YOU SO!

Morality issues aside, Solon taxpayers are picking up the entire tab on culling deer from not only Solon, but those of neighboring communities. The state, who gets the money for all those hunting licenses and gave us the deer problem in the first place, has gotten off scot free.

So let's take what we've learned, that its going to be expensive no matter what, and just resolve to use a more humane method to achieve our goal.

Originally Posted as 2988.2. You can
by SolonPol, 12/3/09 5:05 ET
Re: Most would agree  by walley, 12/2/09

Censored on 12/03, reposted 12/04
You can credit Patton for "protecting the citizens from themselves" by pushing through deer culling over the wishes of the ignorant citizenry.

I wonder if we can take Patton's arrogant quotes to our auto insurance company and ask for a rebate.

You can credit Kraus (yes Kraus) for making a motion to table the Deer Culling issue at the last Safety Council meeting on Nov 11. The affect of that, and its stated clearly in the video ONLY, was to give the new admin (and not an arrogant deer killing) admin the power to make the decision. Don't bother with the minutes, watch the video at 41 min.

Posted as 2888.3 Solon Times reported by SolonPol, 12/4/09
by Sue Reid  An excerpt:

"A proposal from White Buffalo Inc. was before the committee for a three-year contract with the possibility of a two-year extension in the amount of about $90,000 a year.

White Buffalo was the only bid received for the program. The company has performed the deer-management service in the city for the last five years.

The current contract for services with White Buffalo, of Connecticut, to operate the city's deer-management program has expired with the 2009 program. The final contract amount for the three years was $235,651.

The safety committee meets again Dec. 9 and council meets Dec. 21."

See the above link for the entire article.

Desperately seeking Susan

Originally Posted as 2990.1. Some interesting points
by SolonPol, 12/3/09 4:37 ET
Re: Desperately Seeking Susan by solonjoe3, 12/2/09
Censored on 12/03, Reposted as 2990.1. You'll never find her here on 12/04 -- Recensored on 12/xx

Some interesting points but she'll never know of them from your postings here, no matter how often you repeat yourself, no matter how many times you answer yourself with rogue IDs, no matter how many CAPS you use, no matter how clever.

She's Mayor now and can't be bothered with the blather that is common fair here. She's above that.

As you've said many times, this forum is for entertainment, and its rather demented at that. There is no room on the mayoral calendar labeled "demented entertainment".

If you are too chicken to address her at council, fine, write her a letter.

You can't keep screaming into this dismal digital abyss and wondering why there is no answer back, if you persist in this futile activity, you, like the boy who cried wolf, will soon become irrelevant and ignored.

What ever do you think the reason to censor that was?  I didn't say chicken shit as I thought.  Was it because it was too close to home for Joe?   Was it because it was anti Bob on a Bobist forum?

My guess is you report something as objectionable and it gets deleted.  No thought or analysis, that would take too long.  It could have been that my post provoked flames which I missed and so they decided to take the provoker down too, regardless of its validity. Better to just steer clear of it.

In the beginning I couldn't understand how Susan could simply ignore this forum when so much was written about her.  But I quickly learned its like being all dressed up and at the edge of a pig pen, it won't be long before you fall into the pig slop and are a filthy mess, and no matter what you do you there's no way to walk away without being a mess.

I really do wish I had never stepped past the pen, at some point I'll leave that cess pool, take a long hot bath and never return to that stench.

It is a very sick place, populated by very sick people, in serious need of mental health intervention.  And the scariest part --  they vote.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cast of Characters

There are so many "Characters" on the Solon Forum that you need a crib sheet to keep track of them.  First there are the groups:
  • Bobists - Rabid pro Bob Paulson for Mayor fans who can alternately be heard crying over his 3rd or 4th (lost track) election loss, whining about "boss da machine, da machine" (ala tattoo and "Boss, the plane").  After the election Bob has faded away (thankfully), but his same supporters have the same criticisms of his opponent and an excessive fear of "da machine".
  • Non-Bobists - the sane ones, who don't post often, are immediately attacked and shouted down, and then go away for a while
  • Trolls - those that take the opposing view to anything and everything in a sadistic game to raise people's blood pressure like BSer/CK/CSK
  • MBoT- Merry Band of Trolls
  • Alt IDs - What better way to talk to yourself than with an alternate ID.
  • Nick IDs - Who wants to say Bystander75 when BSer is so much shorter and more descriptive.  Some of the infamous (SolonJoe[n])
Then there are the characters:
  • SolonJoe3 - or 4 or 5, he's the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how many times they take away his ID.  The infamous Joe.
  • Bystander75 - a misnomer and troll ID, he does anything but stand by, he sticks his nose in everything, hails from the droopy drawer capital of CH, and is famous for extremely anal retentive fine points, calling people a liar, and endlessly asking people to do things for him (a manipulation technique).  Nicknamed - BSer.
  • ChutzpahKid -  a misnomer and troll ID, he has anything but Chutzpah, ChickenShit Kid would be a more apt name.  Claims to have once lived in Solon, most likely just another of BSer's many alt IDs.  Nicknamed - CK, CSK, IRL worked for Patton at SCA and gave SR3 lots of trouble.
  • SolonRider3 - Woman battling City Hall just to build a ramp for her handicapped husband, is roundly criticized and mocked by people fortunate enough to never need a wheel chair. (SR3)
  • Solonite31yr - Author of Joke of the Day, one of the few bright spots on the whole forum worth reading not spoiled by the Bobists and Trolls.
  • Bobists - SolonMoreCynical, notdrucker 
  • --- your ID here?  comment below...
There are also the off site or invisible characters:
  • Bob - Everyone knows Bob Paulson is an avid reader of the community forum, but no one knows his ID.  Many think he's SolonJoe, but many other IDs are mentioned as linked to him as well.  By some accounts it is felt that Bob may account for 50% of the posts.
  • JoeBob - Owner of where all of Joe's pro Bob, anti-world, whining takes place but which he claims to not know the owner despite it containing all his content and looking like Bob, even hosted by Bob's official campaign site ISP, sans required political notice of course.
  • Joe/Bob - Joe's rabid attack on Susan in her first two days of office could have only come from Bob himself, no one else is that petty, that vindictive, that much of an ego manic.
  • Peter - Daddy Deep Pockets

Updates in bold blue

Hey where's FTA Joe?

Posted as 3001. Hey where's FTA Joe?
by SolonPol, 12/2/09 22:52 ET

Joe, Fire Them All, who said that, oh yeah, YOU !!! So what's the beef, one a day isn't quick enough for you?

I know if she hadn't let anyone go the first week you'd all be whining about that.
See that's what I don't like about Bobism, its always critical, its never satisfied. Its a disease in need of a cure.

As for letting people go there is a spectrum, no one, NO ONE, is totally protected, maybe SolonWatcher has become aware of that fact.

On one end is AT-WILL, what most of us fall under in the private sector, in the middle is fired for cause, what most people mistaken feel is the norm, on the other end is employment contract, somewhat protected, but it can be breached, and then there is civil service, what most people mistakenly feel everyone in the public sector falls under.

The public sector uses several classes of employees, civil service, professional, contract, and appointment.

And contrary to popular belief there IS NO ABSOLUTE protection.

The Mayor is the chief executive. When new CEO's take the helm there is often a reevaluation of priorities and staffing. SD completed an HR certificate from Cornell this summer. I think its safe to say that she's taken this boss thing seriously and is making very informed decisions.
She got prepared ahead of time, on her own time. She is doing her job, DAY 1.
If the most qualified person is known by someone connected to the CEO, should that disqualify them? Given her husband's career, that would disqualify all but the most novice and mediocre. Not a good idea.

As for SolonWatcher, if they really do work for the city, they had best lose the attitude. What I've seen of it seems incompatible with the new admin.

Joe, stop, STOP, you're sounding foolish. Here you are on the first day, FTA FTA !!! Then SD surprises you and actually lets someone go. Whoa Whoa you cry, lets get a citizen committee, how can she do this the first day!

Well Joe, in the month since the election, SD's been busy, to hit the ground running. I'm sure she's given thought to her agenda way before she took office. Let's all congratulate her on not needing help to find the lady's room and not waiting for her official start to get started. She's already done Mayor's work for free.

She didn't say, as Bob did to me, wait until I get elected. Bob was waiting for his first paycheck before he got to work. Looks like we picked the right person. 

Hip Hip Hooray...

They're baaaaack

Posted as 3004. They're baaaack by SolonPol, 12/3/09 20:02 ET

The censors are back enforcing community standards. No serious discussions allowed, no describing bugs on this forum, no mentioning other IDs, no banter between IDs (SP & SJ). 

Trolls endless provocative drivel is OK, because the censors can't tell that its trolling since they know nothing of the community, so its a free day for BS75/CK/CSK.

SJ's tired tirades and meaningless repetitious rants are OK, because they fit in the formula above. Mentioning that they are in fact tired tirades is a no no.
So enjoy this cess pool, I'll just be sure to write on my sites first and post a short lived item here now and again.
Program control has been returned to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress of SolonJoe3's tired tirades. 

Enjoy, this forum is returned to the DOGS, as the only non dog takes a walk, sans troll.

Solon Forum Bugs

This post will be updated from time to time with bugs found in the operation of the community forum pages.

Post owner reported as Responder

When you respond to a post topic there is a line with your post title & ID and a line with the topic title and the topic posters ID.  The new upgrade a few months back broke this so the current responders ID & date is used rather than the topic originator's ID & date.

New Topic when responding

There are two ways that you can get a new post rather than responding to an existing post.

If you are logged off, for inactivity, or even being active (bug below), while attempting to respond, you will be prompted to login, after you login you'll be given a response form, when you fill this out, you won't be responding to the post you intended to, you will be starting a new topic.

Always go back to the post you were viewing after a login.

The other way, as far as I can tell, is that occasionally random responses just become new topics. Great feature, kind of like bloggers "feeling lucky" button.

Login Linked to Com Home Page
There are two places to login and occasionally you are logged out of a specific community page (timeout for inactivity) but still logged into the Community Home page.

Timeout while still active
Sometimes while still active you and still showing you are logged in you will be presented a login prompt.  Because of the various login/out bugs, I'd suggest logging out first, then logging back in.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Patton's Exit

In the gracious back slapping congratulations given at the last Council meeting of this Administration, Mayor Patton took an unexpected turn, a dig if you will, at the residents to whom he was to have served.

The following is a rough draft of his comments... (11/18/09 230 am)

I have high regard for our council members, they are hard working public officials who try to do what is best for their respective wards and the city as a whole. It is a tedious and time consuming job and they generally receive more criticism than praise. It is not easy trying to represent the public because the public likes to think, they, the public, are always right and that their desires should be followed.  I remember something I had heard from a speaker at a League of City's conference as a young councilman that said something like -- "The job of an elected official is to protect the people from themselves". -- And you know what, I can tell you from experience there is truth in that statement. We do not always agree up here, but there has always been significant respect for each other --- agreement up here. --- But in the end majority vote rules and we move forward. In my 12 years there has been rewarding, challenging, and down right difficult experiences. But today Solon stands stronger than ever through the cooperation of city council, department heads and city employees and many involved citizens. there have been great accomplishments for the betterment of our community. Many of those have been highlighted up here tonight. I would only add that a few that have not been mentioned:

  • Initiation and continuation of Deer Culling

    ... We had more people in these council chambers more often discussing that subject than any other item in my 12 years.  And you know what, it took guts for council to pass it, and then pass it again and then pass it again...
    And the accidents have gone down and ...destroying peoples lawns and gardens and all that sort of thing...
  • Aurora ...
  • Pettibone Rd Improvement ???
  • Bainbridge Rd Improvement Project will hopefully begining soon
  • Exapnded ... water reclamation
  • Added a great driving range at Grantwood that has improved it a lot
  • Returned Solon Home Days as our annual community festival
  • The increase in the year end fund balance has been mentioned

BTW Bill Weber and I went to grade school together at St. Rita's ...

All of these successes would not have been possible without the leadership and cooperation ... their knowledge and experience are directly tied to our success.  My management style has always been to hire the very best people and then cut them loose and let them do their job, check in with them, monitor their progress, if it needs to be tweaked it gets tweaked, but why hire the best people if you won't let them do their jobs.  So at this time I wish to express my genuine thanks to my senior management team ....  [incomp list]  Stanek, Busch, Frankland, Prasser, Matty ...

I also salute my colleagues on the Planning and Zoning Commission ... as well as those that are on the civil service commission ...

Clerk of Council ... Considerable work in scheduling and records management here at City Hall,

It likewise takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and savy to help manage the Mayor and his office. I really have been most blessed to have Sally as my very excellant assistant for 12 years. ...

Special ... equipment mamangement

I thank my wife Linda for her

I thank all the members of the Patton family for their support and ABUNDANT ADVICE [his emphasis] which was usually provided at the Sunday family dinner table.  Whether the advice was good, bad, OR EVEN DESIRED [his emphasis] is another question, but it certainly has ... It helped to keep my skin tough too.  ...

And last but certainly not least, I thank God for staying close to me every day for giving me a strong conscience and for helping me to stay focused during some tough times.

As has been said here tonight the best that any city official can hope for is to leave the community better off  than how he found it.  I feel most comfortable in saying ... 

I believe that I'm the first Mayor that has chosen not to seek re-election in over 70 years, ... I struggled about it greatly and [uhm] I don't know if I made the right decision for me but [uhm] I'm going with it and we'll see where it all goes.

When I speak to the grad ... I always use this annoymous littel reflection -- "It is important to have an end to journey towards, but in the end, it is the journey itself that counts" -- ...
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, and may God Bless Solon Ohio, Thank You.  [Applause, Standing Ovation].

Note: Active Draft, quotes above are being reviewed with the goal of being verbatim. Please comment or email any errors found.

Note: Any highlighting is meant as an editorial comment to focus the readers attention...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sore Loser, Shadow Govt

Some people know how to lose, others don't, and some are stuck in denial and continue with their lives as if they haven't lost.

For the last decade we've had to endure the whining of Mayor Wannabe Bob.  Bob has 20/20 hind sight.  He never gets proactively involved to prevent problems, he comes in after it hits the fan to gloat about how stupid everyone is and how he would do it so much better.  Bob is a Republican, but he's not partisan, if its not Bob, its not good, that goes for fellow republican's or even his supporters.  If Councilman EK knew what Bob / SolonJoe have to say about him, whoa, maybe he wouldn't have voted with him two weeks ago.  I think it is my duty to keep my councilman up to date, I've been remiss in that, I better shoot Ed some of Bob's criticisms.  If he thinks Rick took some shots at him, wait till he sees Bob's no hold bars whack.

So what has Sore Loser Bob been doing these days besides not talking to the Mayor Elect?  Well, Bob's gonna take his "Obama style web campaigning" into its next stage as the new Solon Shadow Govt. with his site.  Under the guise of fair and balanced news for the Solon Political scene you will be told that all the non-Bob's who were elected are buffoons worthy of ridicule and scorn.

So let's introduce a new feature - SJ Watch on what's Bob's newest criticisms of the non-Bob's are.

SolonJoe in his various forms has been Abuse Reported, Censored, Deleted, and Revoked several times now.  He's got a low profile right now, hoping to keep SolonJoe3 a little while longer.  One has to wonder if he's ready for another ID Revocation and reincarnation into SolonJoe4.

During his highly critical period timed perfectly with Bob's candicacy announcement when his posts held a shorter shelf life than day old bread, he put his material on  He claims its not his site but oddly the old site had only his content.  Now in the advent of Bob's latest loss at the polls, solonjoe has been retooled with a new look and feel borrowed from Bob's campaign site, most of Joe's content has been removed, it sports a new masthead with a jpg stolen from the Solon City site.  Maybe we can look forward to more pilfering from the official city site has he morphs to his ultimate goal as a shadow govt proclaiming his postition in opposition of the non-Bob's after it is too late to fix.

After the dust settles from his prior copyright infringements of city owned telecasts, maybe Bob will go back to his video forays with YouTube and JibJab...

So for now, what's new with SJ?

SJ cleared off most of the old content except for Grantwood and SolonJoe tabs...

The home page promises us
Grantwood update coming soon.
How many Solon residents actually use this facility?
Why do we continue to throw good money after bad?
More than 2 million dollars in the past 12 months!
We can also expect new material on Golf Carts, Zoning Cops, and CVS signage and wifi.  Yes I know these are the top of everyone's list of top concerns...

It's important to SJ that Web searches for (full names, only initials used here) BP (Wannabe Mayor, Recent Loser) and SD (Mayor-Elect) bring searchers to this new shadow govt web site.

Ironic that he'd use the old Gazebo photo on his masthead.  The Veterans Park is so ripe with cost over runs, I'm surprised he didn't feature that mess on his masthead along with a tab lampooning it.  If he does, remember, you heard it first here on SolonPol.

If you want Bob's whiny propaganda, go to SolonJoe, if you want the inside scoop, the straight poop, keep your browser tuned into SolonPol.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Public Domain Free For All

Today, many people use techniology with the mistaken idea that everything is free to use and abuse, if its on the net they can use it for anything.  While that certainly is the prevailing thought and behavior, they are sadly ignorant of the law.

We live in a capitalistic society where all manner of things are owned, and with ownership comes privilege.  Ownership by the government does not include ownership by the people.  If you don't believe that go to the nearest park, pitch a tent, plant a mailbox and tell me how long that lasts (as soon as you are released from custody).

Everything is owned by someone, nothing is owned by the collective people.

Public Domain is a desgination that means that the owner waived his copyright rights.  It has nothing to do with being owned by a Government Agency or being on the Public Record.

The government TV channel is freely available to the public, but it is owned jointly by the city and its contractor and it is copyrighted with "all rights reserved".  That means it is NOT in the public domain, it is an owned work which you may view for your own personal use.

Partisan Politics

is alive and well here in our non-partisan town.  But party alliegience is strong despinte its obselecence in this county where people change their party declarations to get on the ballot.

Some people mistakenly believe that the solution to all our problems is simply to change the color of their hats.  This simple proposal simply won't work, neither will fire them all.  The absurdity of replacing the corrupt party with a corrupt person of another party is as helpful as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titantic.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Bob's Blunder Train

By my estimation, Bob has made some serious Blunders.  I count 7.  None of them felonies, none of them tasteful.  I have talked to a lot of people along the way, since I found them a week ago.  Only a few were officially handed over to people of authority on Friday. 

Many people want to argue with me about theses issues, toward what end.  They are now out of my hands, the train has left the station.  The next post tonight will be the report of a public record.

Got to go, sorry no wifi, I'll see ya at the next stop. 

More Paulson Documents

by solonmabel, 11/2/09 9:59 ET 

For those of you who want some vital information regarding Mr. Paulson and his ability to serve, I have attached the following documents:

1) His signed plea agreement where he admitted that he intentionally engaged in a scheme to defraud his campaign contributors with some detail regarding his crimes;

2) The docket of the United States District Court which confirms his sentence and the requirment for outpatient mental health counseling;

3) The opinion letter from William Edwards, the First Assistant United States Attorney that was sent to the Sun Newspaper and copied to Mayor Patton which confirms that Paulson's felony record is not expunged and he still is disabled as a felon. 

Happy reading! 

Ed Note:  For a complete list of documents, see my profile at

Paulson's Crimes

by solonmabel, 11/2/09 9:56 ET
Bob Paulson is a thief that was caught and convicted of felonies. There is no other way of looking at it. It is the resposible thing to recognize Paulson for what he is and notify the public so that they are informed when the cast their votes. No responsible person would vote for Paulson if they understood his crimes.Paulson raised monies through fundraising activities and took thousands of dollars from contributors who perceived that these monies would be used for campaign purposes. Paulson took this money and paid personal credit card debts and other personal bills. The amount that he stole from his contributors was between $80,000.00 and $120,000.00. He paid the money back after he discovered that he was being investigated when the U.S. Attorney issued grand jury subpoenas for his records. Paulson realized that he was caught and tried to cover up his crimes.He pled guilty to felonies because he was guilty of felonies. As of today's date, he is still a convicted felon because you can not expunge federal felonies. 

Paulson has never publicly admitted his crimes (despite his guilty pleas) or admitted to the voters that the United States government still regards him as a convcited felon until today in the Sun paper interview. Many voters perceive that Paulson has no record, took little money and simply made bookkeeping errors. The fact is that he took thousands of dollars, took he money intentionally and is a convicted felon.

Should the qualifications of the Mayor of our great city be thief and felon. Should we give a "second chance" to someone who has manipulated the truth and minimized his crimes?

The answer is no. As the saying goes 'you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig." Paulson is a thief and his lack of honesty and insight into his crimes should cause the voters to elect another.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Paulson Era

by solonmabel, 11/1/09 13:03 ET 

I wanted to remind all you voters out the about the PAULSON ERA in Solon history. How about a look at the Paulson Administration through the annals of the Plain Dealer! 

1. Paulson's lawyer, Pat McLaughlin, admits he stole money to pay personal credit card debt.

2. Paulson gets City Hall searched by the FBI!

3. Paulson dismisses hundreds of Solon traffic tickets of his brother and friends. So much for keeping Solon safe! His brother says its all who you know!

4. Paulson hates to pay taxes but only has one conviction! How about using Solon's tax exempt number to buy a grill for his backyard!

5. Paulson, the fiscal genious, uses Solon money to treat 76 employees to lunch at Quinn's for $18.00 a head! Great way to save money, huh Bob?

6. Finally, how about saving money by using Solon's postage machine to sent private campaign propaganda! Keep it up Bob? Do you really think you will save Solon money if elected? Didn't you break the law here Bob?

Wake up Solon!


Ed Note:  In the interest of free speech, this deleted post has been brought back to life.  Thanks to the forum reader who got this and sent it to me before it was deleted.

Shop to you drop

There's a story going round for some time. Ex-offender Bob has been shopping this story around for some time to anyone dumb enough to buy it and he found himself a new sucker today...

The story is "Don't talk about my felony convictions, my opponent is part of a vast left wing corruption conspiracy"...  Hey why not, "vast right wing conspiracies" worked for Dems.  

Some picky Solonites aren't thrilled with the idea of electing an ego manic felon as their next Mayor.  And who could blame them after seeing that incessant omnipresent head like "Max" whatever and the 30+ talking head videos, everyone has has exceeded their life time dosage of this guy.

So we have a guy who commingled campaign funds with personal expenses, got caught, and copped a plea.  Then said guy went on a decade long victimization rant about the "witch hunt" and "minor felony".

Then his issue of eligibity to hold office came up.  Is this America or Russia, why can't a felon hold office?  So again, he puts on his victim overhalls as he wades deep into a pool of political poop and cries "Dirty Accusations from the left wing corrtion conspiracy".  Now granted a true "Strong Leader" would just get out his typewriter and some stamps and request a rulling from the appropriate government bodies to end this once and for all.  But in an inane demonstration of his leadership, he took the road less traveled.

See we have a lot of bad Dems in this town.  But like any aweeping generalization there are exceptions.  Susan is just that exception, smart, responsive, caring, "refreshing" said the Solon Times Cartoonist, "the future" said the Solon Times Editorial.

But the "Strong Leader" wants to go with the broad brush, she must be one of them, fire them all, none of them is good, 100.00% of them are bad.  Sounds a little suspicious to me, but that's the argument put forth by this "Proven Administrator".

So he digs and digs and he finds that a recently convicted corrupt Dem official gave her a contribution in a previous campaign, just as he himself did (see he was convicted of being a corrupt public official).  Oh boy there's the tie in, there's the smoking gun!

Minor details, first the guy (J. Kevin Kelley) wasn't under investigation or convicted at the time of this contribution.  How was Susan to know he would be years later.  I give Susan lot's of credit for being a resourceful person, but crystal ball, gosh that'd be nice, but its OK if she doesn't have one.

... CHAPTER TWO ....

What's wrong with these people in Solon, they bought this load of crap before, why not now.  Maybe after hearing the same old whiny witch hunt victim story for the umteenth time they got tired of it.

What's a victim to do, whine some more, solve the problem?  Ah, I know, throw some crap.  So Bob builds the story, J. Kevin Kelley donated to Susan Drucker's campaign years ago and now he's a known felon so what does that say about Susan?  Well, actually nothing really.  So they make a stink and Susan does the right thing, she gives all contributions from felons (including Bob) to charity.  That's a leader, take a problem and solve it.  

She could have whined, she could have retaliated, she could have looked for a Sugar Daddy like her opponent has.  No Susan did the right thing.

And did that make the story go away.  No, Bob being a man with the sense of humor he is (unless it involves him, of course), builds a cute JibJab Staring You (tm) eCard, starring his opponent.  But he didn't stop there, he included, the current Mayor, Kelley, Day, and Dimora, all part of the evil left wing corruption conspiracy.  Now really who would ever confuse Susan and Jimmy?  Bob would.

Now someone with a little security sense wouldn't do that where it could be traced to them personally.  But who has acccused Bob of good sense?  Not I.  Most felons with good sense wouldn't even attempt to run for office.



How ironic that the self proclaimed victim of dirty stories is the one who's shopping them relentlessly.

Take it outside

I don't want to clutter up this blog with BSer's BS.  So I've given Bystander75 his very own fully dedicated blog.

It can be found at .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bystander75 Banter

Bystander75 is a native of Cleveland Heights and a wanna be Solon Politician who likes to have lots of deep anal retentive banter with me on the Solon Community Forum.

While its fun to watch him struggle with logic, I think we are boring the heck out of the other members, so if we do it here instead then all those people won't have to view it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's really corrupt?

Politics is a dirty game.  Even the cleanest people will have difficulty emerging unscathed.

Our county is controlled by the Democratic Party, so much so that most offices are elected unopposed, Republican's change their party designation just to get a chance.  And that's the way its been for decades, same big names, same rumors.  Finally the FBI moved in and have been busy for over a year, knocking down the kingpins one by one. Saving the best for last, unnamed Public Officials referred to as PO1 & PO2. Recently PO2 was implicated in receiving $10,000 a month in cash for a decade. He's still unnamed, he's still in office and we all know (well some people feign ignorance) who he is, but in order for this corrupt official to receive his constitutionally guaranteed due process the entire county must tolerate his continued holding of the office.

So many people are sick of this they want to FIRE THEM ALL, any one, ANY ONE is better than a democrat because ALL democrats are broad brushed with the taint of Democratic Party Partisan Politics who are so corrupt they are being picked off one by one and charged as felons.

We have a candidate whose career is in law enforcement, an inteligent, caring, involved public servent who just happens to be a democrat.  CORRUPT, PART OF THE PARTY MACHINE they all scream like puppets on cue.  We have a better candidate, the puppets scream, he has experience, he's a business man, he used to be Mayor, he's been tested, he's proven and most importantly he's not a democrat.  That makes him clean.

Well not quite, looking back a little, we see he is a felon, he was tested, and according to the paper in those days he failed.  He's proven, what exactly?  But now that same newspaper has forgotten their critisism of long ago, an editorial you can read today and think it was just written.  Now, with nothing changed since their critical editorial, this newspaper has endorced their biggest advertiser.  What changed?  The free press isn't free, they struggle to exist, and apparently they can be bought, just as PO1 and PO2 were bought.

But how ironic that the democrat who is running has nothing in common with PO1/PO2, and the republican who is running does. These are the days of colot charts, red & blue states, its so much simpler to pick your color, pick your letter (D/R) and vote the party line.  We have some terrible democrats, but lets not mess with them, they are still in power, let's pick on one of the few clean ones. lets smear her with the taint of felons, that way no one will notice the real felon sneak on into office.

How ironic that the masses say we must elect a felon to clean up the county.  Some of us are confused by that.  Are you?

Let's Dance

So help a Drucker Dirty Trick Purveyor (*) understand what category the Paulson Supporter Sponsored SolonDancer videos fall into... 

How clean is SolonDancer?

(*)  Note, No one in the Drucker campaign has been consulted prior to this post nor have they been notified of its existence.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


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