Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shop to you drop

There's a story going round for some time. Ex-offender Bob has been shopping this story around for some time to anyone dumb enough to buy it and he found himself a new sucker today...

The story is "Don't talk about my felony convictions, my opponent is part of a vast left wing corruption conspiracy"...  Hey why not, "vast right wing conspiracies" worked for Dems.  

Some picky Solonites aren't thrilled with the idea of electing an ego manic felon as their next Mayor.  And who could blame them after seeing that incessant omnipresent head like "Max" whatever and the 30+ talking head videos, everyone has has exceeded their life time dosage of this guy.

So we have a guy who commingled campaign funds with personal expenses, got caught, and copped a plea.  Then said guy went on a decade long victimization rant about the "witch hunt" and "minor felony".

Then his issue of eligibity to hold office came up.  Is this America or Russia, why can't a felon hold office?  So again, he puts on his victim overhalls as he wades deep into a pool of political poop and cries "Dirty Accusations from the left wing corrtion conspiracy".  Now granted a true "Strong Leader" would just get out his typewriter and some stamps and request a rulling from the appropriate government bodies to end this once and for all.  But in an inane demonstration of his leadership, he took the road less traveled.

See we have a lot of bad Dems in this town.  But like any aweeping generalization there are exceptions.  Susan is just that exception, smart, responsive, caring, "refreshing" said the Solon Times Cartoonist, "the future" said the Solon Times Editorial.

But the "Strong Leader" wants to go with the broad brush, she must be one of them, fire them all, none of them is good, 100.00% of them are bad.  Sounds a little suspicious to me, but that's the argument put forth by this "Proven Administrator".

So he digs and digs and he finds that a recently convicted corrupt Dem official gave her a contribution in a previous campaign, just as he himself did (see he was convicted of being a corrupt public official).  Oh boy there's the tie in, there's the smoking gun!

Minor details, first the guy (J. Kevin Kelley) wasn't under investigation or convicted at the time of this contribution.  How was Susan to know he would be years later.  I give Susan lot's of credit for being a resourceful person, but crystal ball, gosh that'd be nice, but its OK if she doesn't have one.

... CHAPTER TWO ....

What's wrong with these people in Solon, they bought this load of crap before, why not now.  Maybe after hearing the same old whiny witch hunt victim story for the umteenth time they got tired of it.

What's a victim to do, whine some more, solve the problem?  Ah, I know, throw some crap.  So Bob builds the story, J. Kevin Kelley donated to Susan Drucker's campaign years ago and now he's a known felon so what does that say about Susan?  Well, actually nothing really.  So they make a stink and Susan does the right thing, she gives all contributions from felons (including Bob) to charity.  That's a leader, take a problem and solve it.  

She could have whined, she could have retaliated, she could have looked for a Sugar Daddy like her opponent has.  No Susan did the right thing.

And did that make the story go away.  No, Bob being a man with the sense of humor he is (unless it involves him, of course), builds a cute JibJab Staring You (tm) eCard, starring his opponent.  But he didn't stop there, he included, the current Mayor, Kelley, Day, and Dimora, all part of the evil left wing corruption conspiracy.  Now really who would ever confuse Susan and Jimmy?  Bob would.

Now someone with a little security sense wouldn't do that where it could be traced to them personally.  But who has acccused Bob of good sense?  Not I.  Most felons with good sense wouldn't even attempt to run for office.



How ironic that the self proclaimed victim of dirty stories is the one who's shopping them relentlessly.

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