Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Paulson Era

by solonmabel, 11/1/09 13:03 ET 

I wanted to remind all you voters out the about the PAULSON ERA in Solon history. How about a look at the Paulson Administration through the annals of the Plain Dealer! 

1. Paulson's lawyer, Pat McLaughlin, admits he stole money to pay personal credit card debt.

2. Paulson gets City Hall searched by the FBI!

3. Paulson dismisses hundreds of Solon traffic tickets of his brother and friends. So much for keeping Solon safe! His brother says its all who you know!

4. Paulson hates to pay taxes but only has one conviction! How about using Solon's tax exempt number to buy a grill for his backyard!

5. Paulson, the fiscal genious, uses Solon money to treat 76 employees to lunch at Quinn's for $18.00 a head! Great way to save money, huh Bob?

6. Finally, how about saving money by using Solon's postage machine to sent private campaign propaganda! Keep it up Bob? Do you really think you will save Solon money if elected? Didn't you break the law here Bob?

Wake up Solon!


Ed Note:  In the interest of free speech, this deleted post has been brought back to life.  Thanks to the forum reader who got this and sent it to me before it was deleted.

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