Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deleting Speech and Voters


Deleting Speech and Voters (Take 3)

by SolonBiker, 09/29/12 9:14 AM
Maybe Solon Forum Delete Punk is actually an alter personality of a forum regular. And the forum regular doesn't even know that he's got Solon Forum Delete Punk trapped inside him. 

Maybe it's me. Wouldn't that be something. 

I'd spend a half hour putting some dumb imagining together, then I'd go get a cup of coffee and suddenly I'd come back, re-read it, and then Solon Forum Delete Punk would jolt to life and wipe it all out. 

Commie Socialist Biker, take THAT!!!!! 

Actually, Solon Forum Delete Punk is the walking talking personification of today's GOP. If you can't win an argument on the merits, just delete the other side. If you can't convince whole demographics of voters, just remove them from the voter population. How else to read the massive voter-scrubbing efforts in Pennsylvania. The red-alert urgency to not having Sunday voting in Ohio (after we had the biggest turnout in 2008 and none of the fiasco problems that plagued us with minorities standing in line all night in 2004 and (to a lesser extent) 2000. Why, in Pennsylvania, the state GOP couldn't even point to a single instance of the supposed voter fraud which was supposed to be the rationale for the new restrictions, which could scrub one in ten voters. Where's all that GOP/conservative skepticism about adding new laws to the books in this case, where you've got new laws scrubbing millions of potential voters without a shred of evidence supporting such a need??? 

The nation absolutely must renounce and reject this, and by a wide margin. It's nothing less than the perversion of the democracy we're all supposed to cherish. 

And shame on all the GOP voters, who just keep looking the other way and supporting this rancid party no matter how low they go. Until the day comes that the SolonJoe's and SolonMoreCynical's out there can't stand the stench, we won't see this end.It's just amazing how you put up a post, and then literally a few seconds later you come on a piece of news that shows you that, yep, the Corrupticans are really even worse than you thought five seconds ago. 

So, as one state after another uses their newfound Tea Party majority legislative and executive branch control to do EVERYTHING in their power to scrub minorities and students off the voter lists ... they're hiring firms to do the very things that they're blaming the other side for. The same thing they did in 2000 and 2004. Hire the dirty trick firms, tell them to push every single margin, then when they get caught claim they had no knowledge of what was being done. This was all exhaustively documented in 2000 and 2004, and here they go again. GOP new national mission to pervert the fundamental transaction of democracy (voting) down to banana republic levels. Right on schedule.


Great job, Biker!!!

by GarryKanter, 09/29/12 12:48 PM
Re: Deleting Speech and Voters (Take 3) by SolonBiker, 09/29/12 12:48 PM
Imho, voter purging as a means of voter suppression is a treasonous act.

God help these gullible people when *they* are considered the RINOs.


First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Solon Forum Delete Guy

SFDG for short, seems to have honed in on our good buddy SolonBiker and made it his mission to purge the forum of his liberal speech. Rather unAmerican if you ask me. One would hope that good conservatives, even GOOPERs, would have enough patriotism to recognize and respect constitutionally protected free speech. But no, the new new-GOP, near fascist right, only believes in rights for them selves, the other 47 % to 99 % only exist to be of service to the 1 %.

The SFDG takes advantage of the Forum's Inappropriate Post feature by abusing it to auto delete posts it deems too liberal and thus not protected by the 1 percent's constitution.

Sure the Dems have their problems, but consolidating inefficiencies to benefit the few, the rich, the elite, isn't the solution. The odd thing is, if Mitt won, with the help of ignorant GOOPERS who never vote Dem, those same rabid GOP fans will never get any benefits other than the usual lip service.

The GOP is a party that should be put out of it's misery so it doesn't have to stoop so low to cater to the fanatical lunatic fringe. Now the party can't even attract intelligent candidates any more, they get the likes of Jeb's dumber druggy alcoholic brother, an air head Alaskan Governor who doesn't know geography and the most recent Mitt, who can't even run a campaign, let alone a country. In its place should be a mainstream party that can solve problems and have an IQ over 100.

Mitt's got just one thing going for him, he IS NOT BARACK, and that's not saying much at all.

SolonJoe Says


SolonJoe Says

by SolonPol, 09/28/12 7:13 PM
Vote for Mitt Romney... That's all, nothing more, over on the site that advertises its the voice of Solon. It's a very infrequently updated site, started at the same time and by the same ISP as the official Paulson mayoral campaign sites.

It's first issue was SolonJoe3's rant against all non-Bob Solon politicians that got joe from SJ1 to SJ3. SolonJoeN admitted that he had access to the site but denies its his.

Then it took on other issues, School Levy Defeat, McDonalds, and now Mitt. 

Previously the site had lots of content to backup its issues, now for Romney it has absolutely nothing. I guess its implied that you need to vote for Mitt because he isn't Barck... There's no hint of why Mitt is better, probably because even Mitt doesn't know why, Mitt's running on the vote for me cuz I'm not the other guy, the weakest excuse ever, with hardly any attempt to say why.

I'm sure when SMC and Joe post responses to this non-local issue post that the SFDG (Solon Forum Delete Guy) will be conspicuously absent...

So SolonJoe3, why not contact your former ally at and ask him, where's the beef?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Re-Re-Booting the RomneyBot

5620. Re-Re-Booting the RomneyBot (Take 9)
by SolonBiker, 09/27/12 2:38 PM

Hey, Joe, ya out there??? I'm getting tired of re-posting this dumb thing. But I wrote the last half at your special request, and I don't even know if you've seen it because it's been so rapid-fire deleted. Here's my ninth attempt . . .

Rove: It’s not working. The re-boot failed. We’re down 8 in Ohio, and there’s no map that wins without Ohio. We need another re-boot. Where’s that Joe guy????

Campaign Manager: He’s not happy, he says he needs more pay.

Rove: Look, we’ve got Trump, we’ve got the Koch brothers, we’ve got Adelson … tell him he can name his price. We’re talking about the White House!!!

SolonJoe3 and Solon Forum Delete Punk walk in the door.

Joe: Greetings, fellow Corrupticans, what do you need???

Rove: It’s not working, Obama’s increasing his lead. We need another wipe and reload.

Joe: How about if you release his taxes so that . . .

Rove: Not an option, I mean he can’t even fill in his tax return without identifying USA as a foreign country. Can you imagine what’s in the ten years we’re withholding??

Joe: OK, well maybe if he put some detail into his tax plan, I notice 4 trillion in cuts, but I see no specifics about how you’re going to . . .

Rove: Look, that won’t work either, we don’t need political advice, we just need to get this stupid thing working.

Joe: OK, well about my price …

Rove: Name it, the sky’s the limit. What do you need, how many million . . .

Joe: Well, I was wondering if we could maybe upgrade from the lite beer to regular. You know, maybe Miller High Life instead of Miller Lite.

Rove (scratching his head): Yeah, I think we can do that.

Joe: OK, bring in the RomneyBot.

Mitt Romney walks in.

Joe: Wipe and reload, Delete Punk.

Delete Punk: “ “

Joe: OK, let’s see what we’ve got . . .

Mitt Romney : Bonjour, mon nom est Mitt Romney. Je suis un robot envoyé sur Mars pour aider à l'anéantissement de la planète Terre. Mon taux d'imposition est de 14%, ce qui me fait mal, mais je dois paraître un peu comme un être humain, donc je accepter cette imposition.

Joe : Yikes !!!

Rove : Look, we sent it to France during ‘Nam. We could never get its combat program running, so we sent him on a Mormon mission in a French château. We think the French is a virus.

Joe : Delete Punk, get rid of the French.

Mitt Romney : Let Detroit go bankrupt !!!

Joe : Delete Punk, you’re fired !!! Get out of here !!!

Solon Forum Delete Punk exits stage left.

Mitt Romney : I like to fire people who provide me services.

Joe : Does this thing have a mute button ???

Rove : We’ve been looking and looking, but we can’t seem to find one.

Joe : Where did this thing come from ???

Rove : The papers said Mars. Is that in Kansas ??? Some guy who calls himself Marvin the Martian and he . . .

Joe : Hold on.

Joe takes his pants off, grabs a wrench and starts hitting the Romneybot on the head.

Mitt Romney : We won’t let people die of heart attacks in their apartments. We’ll send them to the ER, and they can die there.

Joe : Well, that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

Rove : Well, you’re the miracle worker, that’s for sure. Looks like a winner for sure now.

Joe : Now about my price.

Three cases of Miller High Life get wheeled in.

Joe (putting pants back on) : Great doing business with you.

Joe starts walking out the door.

Joe: But, you know, maybe I could also get …

Rove : We thought you’d never ask … Hold on.

Condi Rice walks out the door, and takes Joe by the arm.

Joe : Well, you know it IS the White House . . .

Rove : Right, right, hold on.

Ann Coulter walks out, takes Joe by the other arm.

Joe: … and we’ve got a Muslim Socialist in the White House . . . .

Rove : OK, OK … you win … bring in the big guns !!!

Condi Rice and Ann Coulter walk out the door, and Sarah Palin walks in . . .

Palin : I hear I’m moving to Solon.

Joe : You betcha !!!!!

Palin : Well, I’m gonna need a variance so that I can still see Russia from my back porch.

Joe : Oh, don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of your back porch.

Mitt Romney: Russia is Public Enemy #1 !!!!

5620. Romney Reboot take 10
by solonjoe3, 09/28/12 10:34 AM

Romney: These darn democratics will stop at nothing to slander my good name!

Joe: I know, I know. It's so unfair.

Romney: Thanks Joe. Here's a thousand dollars.

Joe: Thank you sir.

[SolonBiker rides in on his carbon alloy super cycle. His svelte frame perfectly matches the precise engineering in his Chinese made racer.]

SolonBiker: Joe! How could you? Romney is just rich a-hole.

Joe: Well, you never came through with the Asian twins and he gave me a thousand bucks.

Solonbiker: But I gave Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.

Joe: Those gals have been ridden a few too many times if you know what I mean. Not that there is anything wrong what. Sure, hanging with experienced gals may be fine for you (I've seen the pictures of you with Pelosi.) But I am vigorous.

SolonPol: Joe what are doing? This post is sure to be taken down by the delete punk.

Joe: Heck, I don't care. I've got me a thousand bucks and I'm gonna buy me a beer truck.


5620.2. Following Up
by SolonBiker, 09/28/12 2:44 PM
Re: Romney Reboot take 10 by solonjoe3, 09/28/12 2:44 PM

Joe: Why, thanks, RomneyBot. Wow, a thousand bucks!!!! Imagine how much beer I'll be able to buy with that!!!

RomneyBot: Oh, heavens no, Joe. We don't condone of that sort of thing. No, this is for your Medicare. It's a prepay on the coupon we'd like to give you when you're 65 . . .

Paul Ryan: (loudly coughs and clears throat)

RomneyBot: When you're 67 . . .

Paul Ryan: (loudly coughs like a cat spitting up a hairball)

RomneyBot: (weakly) Er, um, when you're 70 . . . (nervously looks at Paul Ryan) . . . Yes, yes, it's a downpayment for your Medicare when you're 70. Now, all you have to do is invest that with a 400,000x return on your investment like I did with my offshore IRAs, and you'll be truly golden in your golden years.

Joe: Why, gosh, I knew there was a reason I always vote for the R team!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

For those who doubt me

This post goes with my Forum entry 5582. Hey Eddie, I'm OK by SolonPol, 09/05/12 1:34 PM

Yes, I really was at Panannis drinking while posting on the Solon Forum....

Raspberry cheesecake, Guinness Stout, Laptop

Laptop on Solon forum in foreground, Northeast Gas Station (across from Pannanis) in background.

So here's the iPad controlling my desktop at home with the laptop next to it...  The photo is deliberately  out of focus so I didn't reveal too much...

Damn I have to be one sick puppy...