Friday, September 28, 2012

SolonJoe Says


SolonJoe Says

by SolonPol, 09/28/12 7:13 PM
Vote for Mitt Romney... That's all, nothing more, over on the site that advertises its the voice of Solon. It's a very infrequently updated site, started at the same time and by the same ISP as the official Paulson mayoral campaign sites.

It's first issue was SolonJoe3's rant against all non-Bob Solon politicians that got joe from SJ1 to SJ3. SolonJoeN admitted that he had access to the site but denies its his.

Then it took on other issues, School Levy Defeat, McDonalds, and now Mitt. 

Previously the site had lots of content to backup its issues, now for Romney it has absolutely nothing. I guess its implied that you need to vote for Mitt because he isn't Barck... There's no hint of why Mitt is better, probably because even Mitt doesn't know why, Mitt's running on the vote for me cuz I'm not the other guy, the weakest excuse ever, with hardly any attempt to say why.

I'm sure when SMC and Joe post responses to this non-local issue post that the SFDG (Solon Forum Delete Guy) will be conspicuously absent...

So SolonJoe3, why not contact your former ally at and ask him, where's the beef?

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