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Christmas Wish Deemed Inapropriate

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by bcorky, 12/26/09 11:06 ET

I had to work until 4:30 Xmas eve (fiscal year end) and had company coming for dinner that night so I was too busy to answer this before Christmas but it still deserves a response.

PERHAPS if there were more bbr's in the world keeping tabs on elected officials at all levels we wouldn't keep finding and getting the cavalier 'let them eat cake' attitude we find much too frequently in politicians.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if people had been paying attention, all the shenanigans at the county level would not have taken years and the feds to unravel. I see in the PD that shyster Norton who won the mayor's race in East Cleveland is already lining his pockets and their budget problems are legendary.

My Christmas wish is for THOUSANDS of bbr's who care enough to hold our elected officials' feet to the fire and I thank God daily for our free press because if we lose that we're screwed.

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Originally Posted as 3108.1. Perhaps
by solonjoe3, 12/26/09 11:48 ET

As I've said before, I applaud anybody who steps up and speaks in public. We need more of that. But on this forum, endless personal attacks, while often humorous, are in the end tiresome.

Council and Mayor need the input from citizens to keep them on their toes. But I've also noticed they can make bad decisions to appease a squeaky wheel.

A famous example is our sink hole guy. The city spent taxpayers' dollars to investigate a private matter that they knew was nonsense. That is a public gift to a private person.

In the case of Bainbridge road, the real harm was committed by the county, not the city. Yet the city will use city dollars to appease the residents. This is also known as welfare for the middle class or robbing peter to pay paul. Now I don't mind robbing "Rob" to pay everyone, but subsidizing private citizens with city money is not something to celebrate.

The squeaky wheel accomplishes this. Talking loudly and often at meetings sure does this. But quality, logic and fairness in speech is just as important as "showing up" with a confrontational personality.


Originally Posted as 3108.3. You are all wrong...
by SolonPol, 12/26/09 17:08 ET

Nothing is as it seems, its all a grand illusion controlled by da machine, a matrix in which we feel we have control when we actually are manipulated.

bcorcky - there are a thousand bbr's, of the thousand, many hundreds are never heard from, of the hundred that are heard from, its only for a moment and then the true power mongers (on this forum those are the trolls - Joe3, BSer, CK) are drowned them out with useless noise. Only a few, by shouting at the top of their lungs, by getting livid with the Troll Power Structure here and IRL, are actually heard long enough that a few people notice. And the few people who do notice don't even hear 25% of what they say. BBR has been censored even on Christmas Day, that's because da machine, da trolls, da censors, never sleep, they know no holiday.

Joe3 - King of the Trolls, Village Idiot, part of da machine, the Solon Gulluci to his Russo master. You have ALMOST everyone fooled. You are da machine. Da Gullucci. The drowner out of the squeaky wheel. The Paulson Propagandist. And the purveyor of many lies and half truths, just as in this post...

FACT - No one in Solon gets $14M, its not even $14M anymore, it was downsized last week. No one in Solon gets to touch it, not for a moment, yet all covet and answer to the Illusionary God of Free Money.

FACT - To this day, there is a cover up of the MOT 2 way decision, many people have asked, many people have lied and obfuscated to prevent the truth from being known. The result is that over 1 million dollars will be expended for the cheapest grade of concrete to handle the MOT in an unprecedented manner (full width construction) involving over a quarter million sq ft of pavement, 5000 cu yds, over 500 full truck loads, to be used for less than a year and put in a land fill. Only when this project is over, and the court depositions are dry, and the naturestone driveways are awarded to the power mongers behind this gift to the pavement company will it be clear. Common citizens duped again, with the help of the Gullucci led trolls shutting people up and lying to protect the guilty.

FACT - The city is in fact responsible, it has been stipulated to in County Court by County Officials willing to throw City Officials under the Bus when it comes to money. Joe, don't speak of what you don't know, it makes you sound more ignorant than I assume you are.

FACT - He who has the money rules, developers have money, they have overbuilt on swap land in Solon causing many water problems. The city allowed them to do that. They share culpability, they know that, and try not to admit it in public too often. Do you suppose its the sink hole guys fault? Those in the know, know better, and so do you Joe, but you've chosen to lie about it.

SR3 - Yes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but before it does, it generates lots of friction using lots of energy and causes great personal toll. Alas the squeaky wheel gets the grease too late and is heard from no more. There is more hope with Susan in, but still there is much power of status quo for even her, with all her energy to deal with.

So lets all have free beer at the Annex, maybe the trolls that run, shout down, drown out, stifle, and censor, this forum (lead by Joe), will drink one too many and fall from their high stool, so the common citizen can once more be heard from.

Woof  Woof

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