Thursday, December 3, 2009

They're baaaaack

Posted as 3004. They're baaaack by SolonPol, 12/3/09 20:02 ET

The censors are back enforcing community standards. No serious discussions allowed, no describing bugs on this forum, no mentioning other IDs, no banter between IDs (SP & SJ). 

Trolls endless provocative drivel is OK, because the censors can't tell that its trolling since they know nothing of the community, so its a free day for BS75/CK/CSK.

SJ's tired tirades and meaningless repetitious rants are OK, because they fit in the formula above. Mentioning that they are in fact tired tirades is a no no.
So enjoy this cess pool, I'll just be sure to write on my sites first and post a short lived item here now and again.
Program control has been returned to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress of SolonJoe3's tired tirades. 

Enjoy, this forum is returned to the DOGS, as the only non dog takes a walk, sans troll.

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