Friday, December 4, 2009

Labels Explained

I will define the label use here and update it here in the future....

  • Active -
  • Ann - Announcements about Blog content or structure
  • Draft -
  • Guest -
  • Legal -
  • News -
Solon Community Forum
This forum is hosted in association with (the Cleveland Plain Dealer).

  • Advisary  - FIX
  • Forum - Reposts from the Solon Community Forum
  • ForumBug - Bugs or problems using the Solon Community Forum
  • SJ Watch - is another site that has large amounts of content from SolonJoe3 from the Solon Community Forum which is very pro Bob Paulson and critical of every other local politician.  Solonjoe3 denies any relationship or knowledge of the owner of (if you can believe that).
  • BBT - retire?
  • Dirty - Issues of dirty campaigning

  • There is a web page defining various terms I use in this blog.
  • If you see a term underlined, but it isn't a link, hover over it and you will see a help bubble describing it.

Status: This new post 12/04/09 will be left here for a month and then moved to the beginning of the blog in 2009.

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