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Deer Culling

Posted as 2988. Most would agree  by walley, 12/2/09 7:46 ET

Most would agree that the deer population in some areas needs to be reduced. A lot of us are simply outraged at the method that is being used. Considering the amount of money Solon has already spent, we could have tried a more humane method. Birth control was suggested but poo pood by all the "experts" as too expensive and ineffective. So, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on White Buffalo and then paying even more to have the carcasses processed into ground meat, are we any better off?

We're still paying someone to come every year and kill more deer. The deer people told council that culling was not a permanent solution, White Buffalo told council the same thing and now, 5 years later someone finally realizes that something is wrong with the plan. I hate to bring this up but, WE TOLD YOU SO!

Morality issues aside, Solon taxpayers are picking up the entire tab on culling deer from not only Solon, but those of neighboring communities. The state, who gets the money for all those hunting licenses and gave us the deer problem in the first place, has gotten off scot free.

So let's take what we've learned, that its going to be expensive no matter what, and just resolve to use a more humane method to achieve our goal.

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You can credit Patton for "protecting the citizens from themselves" by pushing through deer culling over the wishes of the ignorant citizenry.

I wonder if we can take Patton's arrogant quotes to our auto insurance company and ask for a rebate.

You can credit Kraus (yes Kraus) for making a motion to table the Deer Culling issue at the last Safety Council meeting on Nov 11. The affect of that, and its stated clearly in the video ONLY, was to give the new admin (and not an arrogant deer killing) admin the power to make the decision. Don't bother with the minutes, watch the video at 41 min.

Posted as 2888.3 Solon Times reported by SolonPol, 12/4/09
by Sue Reid  An excerpt:

"A proposal from White Buffalo Inc. was before the committee for a three-year contract with the possibility of a two-year extension in the amount of about $90,000 a year.

White Buffalo was the only bid received for the program. The company has performed the deer-management service in the city for the last five years.

The current contract for services with White Buffalo, of Connecticut, to operate the city's deer-management program has expired with the 2009 program. The final contract amount for the three years was $235,651.

The safety committee meets again Dec. 9 and council meets Dec. 21."

See the above link for the entire article.

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