Monday, December 7, 2009

Reasonable People

Originally Posted as 3036. Who are these by SolonPol, 12/7/09 14:01 ET

Who are these reasonable people of good will.

There are none on this forum, thanks to Joe/Bob and his merry band of trolls. You've polarized this forum into the Bob's and non-Bobs.

You (the greater you of Bobs) have done it and then you try to deflect blame on the non-Bobs. Typical Bob, victim of a witch hunt, every problem is caused by his opponents.

Dirty Drucker, what a sick joke, she couldn't come near Bob's dirtiness if she made it her lifetime goal.

How have you done it? Propaganda, shouting down, post flooding, lies, name calling, on and on. Almost an impressive attack if it weren't so demented.

No one can post anything without a Bobist retort, even if it isn't remotely connected to Bob.

And now this holier than thou approach from the Stander of By... "You broke no rules". Well if you really didn't then the rules need to be changed so that one man BOB can't hijack an entire town.

Oh and give credit to Joe/Bob for that technique, he dreamed it up first. And if I didn't swallow that turd from the master of deception, I certainly won't take it from the likes of you.

But as karma would have it, we have the last laugh, Bob can rule this cesspool, because he'll never rule this town.

He had his chance, when he found deep pockets, and he blew it. He'll never get that backing again and without it he'll never have a chance at office.

Join me in a big round of Boo Hoo Bob, Hip Hip Hooray for Susan.

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