Friday, December 4, 2009

Desperately seeking Susan

Originally Posted as 2990.1. Some interesting points
by SolonPol, 12/3/09 4:37 ET
Re: Desperately Seeking Susan by solonjoe3, 12/2/09
Censored on 12/03, Reposted as 2990.1. You'll never find her here on 12/04 -- Recensored on 12/xx

Some interesting points but she'll never know of them from your postings here, no matter how often you repeat yourself, no matter how many times you answer yourself with rogue IDs, no matter how many CAPS you use, no matter how clever.

She's Mayor now and can't be bothered with the blather that is common fair here. She's above that.

As you've said many times, this forum is for entertainment, and its rather demented at that. There is no room on the mayoral calendar labeled "demented entertainment".

If you are too chicken to address her at council, fine, write her a letter.

You can't keep screaming into this dismal digital abyss and wondering why there is no answer back, if you persist in this futile activity, you, like the boy who cried wolf, will soon become irrelevant and ignored.

What ever do you think the reason to censor that was?  I didn't say chicken shit as I thought.  Was it because it was too close to home for Joe?   Was it because it was anti Bob on a Bobist forum?

My guess is you report something as objectionable and it gets deleted.  No thought or analysis, that would take too long.  It could have been that my post provoked flames which I missed and so they decided to take the provoker down too, regardless of its validity. Better to just steer clear of it.

In the beginning I couldn't understand how Susan could simply ignore this forum when so much was written about her.  But I quickly learned its like being all dressed up and at the edge of a pig pen, it won't be long before you fall into the pig slop and are a filthy mess, and no matter what you do you there's no way to walk away without being a mess.

I really do wish I had never stepped past the pen, at some point I'll leave that cess pool, take a long hot bath and never return to that stench.

It is a very sick place, populated by very sick people, in serious need of mental health intervention.  And the scariest part --  they vote.

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