Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cast of Characters

There are so many "Characters" on the Solon Forum that you need a crib sheet to keep track of them.  First there are the groups:
  • Bobists - Rabid pro Bob Paulson for Mayor fans who can alternately be heard crying over his 3rd or 4th (lost track) election loss, whining about "boss da machine, da machine" (ala tattoo and "Boss, the plane").  After the election Bob has faded away (thankfully), but his same supporters have the same criticisms of his opponent and an excessive fear of "da machine".
  • Non-Bobists - the sane ones, who don't post often, are immediately attacked and shouted down, and then go away for a while
  • Trolls - those that take the opposing view to anything and everything in a sadistic game to raise people's blood pressure like BSer/CK/CSK
  • MBoT- Merry Band of Trolls
  • Alt IDs - What better way to talk to yourself than with an alternate ID.
  • Nick IDs - Who wants to say Bystander75 when BSer is so much shorter and more descriptive.  Some of the infamous (SolonJoe[n])
Then there are the characters:
  • SolonJoe3 - or 4 or 5, he's the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how many times they take away his ID.  The infamous Joe.
  • Bystander75 - a misnomer and troll ID, he does anything but stand by, he sticks his nose in everything, hails from the droopy drawer capital of CH, and is famous for extremely anal retentive fine points, calling people a liar, and endlessly asking people to do things for him (a manipulation technique).  Nicknamed - BSer.
  • ChutzpahKid -  a misnomer and troll ID, he has anything but Chutzpah, ChickenShit Kid would be a more apt name.  Claims to have once lived in Solon, most likely just another of BSer's many alt IDs.  Nicknamed - CK, CSK, IRL worked for Patton at SCA and gave SR3 lots of trouble.
  • SolonRider3 - Woman battling City Hall just to build a ramp for her handicapped husband, is roundly criticized and mocked by people fortunate enough to never need a wheel chair. (SR3)
  • Solonite31yr - Author of Joke of the Day, one of the few bright spots on the whole forum worth reading not spoiled by the Bobists and Trolls.
  • Bobists - SolonMoreCynical, notdrucker 
  • --- your ID here?  comment below...
There are also the off site or invisible characters:
  • Bob - Everyone knows Bob Paulson is an avid reader of the community forum, but no one knows his ID.  Many think he's SolonJoe, but many other IDs are mentioned as linked to him as well.  By some accounts it is felt that Bob may account for 50% of the posts.
  • JoeBob - Owner of where all of Joe's pro Bob, anti-world, whining takes place but which he claims to not know the owner despite it containing all his content and looking like Bob, even hosted by Bob's official campaign site ISP, sans required political notice of course.
  • Joe/Bob - Joe's rabid attack on Susan in her first two days of office could have only come from Bob himself, no one else is that petty, that vindictive, that much of an ego manic.
  • Peter - Daddy Deep Pockets

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