Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey where's FTA Joe?

Posted as 3001. Hey where's FTA Joe?
by SolonPol, 12/2/09 22:52 ET

Joe, Fire Them All, who said that, oh yeah, YOU !!! So what's the beef, one a day isn't quick enough for you?

I know if she hadn't let anyone go the first week you'd all be whining about that.
See that's what I don't like about Bobism, its always critical, its never satisfied. Its a disease in need of a cure.

As for letting people go there is a spectrum, no one, NO ONE, is totally protected, maybe SolonWatcher has become aware of that fact.

On one end is AT-WILL, what most of us fall under in the private sector, in the middle is fired for cause, what most people mistaken feel is the norm, on the other end is employment contract, somewhat protected, but it can be breached, and then there is civil service, what most people mistakenly feel everyone in the public sector falls under.

The public sector uses several classes of employees, civil service, professional, contract, and appointment.

And contrary to popular belief there IS NO ABSOLUTE protection.

The Mayor is the chief executive. When new CEO's take the helm there is often a reevaluation of priorities and staffing. SD completed an HR certificate from Cornell this summer. I think its safe to say that she's taken this boss thing seriously and is making very informed decisions.
She got prepared ahead of time, on her own time. She is doing her job, DAY 1.
If the most qualified person is known by someone connected to the CEO, should that disqualify them? Given her husband's career, that would disqualify all but the most novice and mediocre. Not a good idea.

As for SolonWatcher, if they really do work for the city, they had best lose the attitude. What I've seen of it seems incompatible with the new admin.

Joe, stop, STOP, you're sounding foolish. Here you are on the first day, FTA FTA !!! Then SD surprises you and actually lets someone go. Whoa Whoa you cry, lets get a citizen committee, how can she do this the first day!

Well Joe, in the month since the election, SD's been busy, to hit the ground running. I'm sure she's given thought to her agenda way before she took office. Let's all congratulate her on not needing help to find the lady's room and not waiting for her official start to get started. She's already done Mayor's work for free.

She didn't say, as Bob did to me, wait until I get elected. Bob was waiting for his first paycheck before he got to work. Looks like we picked the right person. 

Hip Hip Hooray...

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