Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's really corrupt?

Politics is a dirty game.  Even the cleanest people will have difficulty emerging unscathed.

Our county is controlled by the Democratic Party, so much so that most offices are elected unopposed, Republican's change their party designation just to get a chance.  And that's the way its been for decades, same big names, same rumors.  Finally the FBI moved in and have been busy for over a year, knocking down the kingpins one by one. Saving the best for last, unnamed Public Officials referred to as PO1 & PO2. Recently PO2 was implicated in receiving $10,000 a month in cash for a decade. He's still unnamed, he's still in office and we all know (well some people feign ignorance) who he is, but in order for this corrupt official to receive his constitutionally guaranteed due process the entire county must tolerate his continued holding of the office.

So many people are sick of this they want to FIRE THEM ALL, any one, ANY ONE is better than a democrat because ALL democrats are broad brushed with the taint of Democratic Party Partisan Politics who are so corrupt they are being picked off one by one and charged as felons.

We have a candidate whose career is in law enforcement, an inteligent, caring, involved public servent who just happens to be a democrat.  CORRUPT, PART OF THE PARTY MACHINE they all scream like puppets on cue.  We have a better candidate, the puppets scream, he has experience, he's a business man, he used to be Mayor, he's been tested, he's proven and most importantly he's not a democrat.  That makes him clean.

Well not quite, looking back a little, we see he is a felon, he was tested, and according to the paper in those days he failed.  He's proven, what exactly?  But now that same newspaper has forgotten their critisism of long ago, an editorial you can read today and think it was just written.  Now, with nothing changed since their critical editorial, this newspaper has endorced their biggest advertiser.  What changed?  The free press isn't free, they struggle to exist, and apparently they can be bought, just as PO1 and PO2 were bought.

But how ironic that the democrat who is running has nothing in common with PO1/PO2, and the republican who is running does. These are the days of colot charts, red & blue states, its so much simpler to pick your color, pick your letter (D/R) and vote the party line.  We have some terrible democrats, but lets not mess with them, they are still in power, let's pick on one of the few clean ones. lets smear her with the taint of felons, that way no one will notice the real felon sneak on into office.

How ironic that the masses say we must elect a felon to clean up the county.  Some of us are confused by that.  Are you?

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