Sunday, February 12, 2012

SolonPol is no more

My posting to the Cleveland Solon Forum has come to an abrupt end... I made many politically charged statements under the screen name of SolonPol and for that I received criticism, threats, post deletions, personal info released on the web, emails from city officials, etc When harassed I stood up and fought back calling people who wanted their privacy but were invading mine out for who they were... Apparently the Plain Dealer thought it better to get rid of one rabble rouser than all the people harassing him for speaking up on political issues. This is truly a democracy in action, the masses have voted and I lost. No good deed goes unpunished, we can see that today.

5156. SolonPol is no more
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:38 PM

Check it out, every single post and my ID are gone from the Solon Community Forum , just happened in the last hour. Probably this one (BBRdRes) too will be gone very soon... Good riddens, Joe and others stifled everything I said anyway.

But isn't it grand to live in a country that values free speech so much that it allows harassment and name calling for some and just completely silences others...

I'm not talking about deleting a few posts where I call my harassers names, I'm talking about EVERY SINGLE POST I'VE EVER MADE, even friendly posts, chit chat posts, etc. EVERYTHING!

NO WARNING, no notice, poof scorched Earth, posting one hour, ID AND ALL POSTS gone the next, on a Sunday no less.

God Bless America, because it sure needs it as fouled up as it is.

5155.2. He was killed
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:49 PM
Re: Where's McPol today? by lostlimber, 02/12/12 5:49 PM

off of this forum, for speaking his mind, for defending his rights, for being unpopular for both sticking up for and criticizing the current admin. He didn't joke, he didn't whine, he seriously wanted better for Solon, he didn't fit in.

His reward, banishment from the forum! That will teach anyone here to seriously talk of politics.

5156.1. What the ???
by SolonBiker, 02/12/12 5:48 PM
Re: SolonPol is no more by bbrdres, 02/12/12 5:48 PM

Wait, is bbrdres = SolonPol?? They disappeared SolonPol??? What in the world is going on here?? I would have to think this is a correctable error.

5156.1.1. No error - RETRIBUTION!
by bbrdres, 02/12/12 6:12 PM
Re: SolonPol is no more by bbrdres, 02/12/12 6:12 PM
FREE SPEECH isn't really free, never has been, never will be!

Yes its me, I have 2 IDs, BBRdRes which I haven't used much since the election and SolonPol which has been banished for pissing off the trolls and the city.

But using a new ID, right after being banished is a good way to get it deleted too. They've sent me a none to subtle message and I'm not as dumb as LL who continues to harass despite being asked to stop. This isn't the forum asking, this is them demanding.

It takes a lot to get a permanent ban and deletion, ask Joe, he's 3 for a reason, he used to be SolonJoe1. Seriously Joe, I'd like some advice on how it went down with you, did you get a blanket delete of everything or is that a new feature of this updated forum?

So Biker and Wally, I've enjoyed our chats, but I am officially persona non-grata here. You know my web site and my email solonpol at gmail dot com... But here on the Solon Community Forum, I've been run out of town...

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