Monday, October 1, 2012

Council 10/1/12

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In caucus

Item 1 - Echo NOT present to discuss bollards.

Item 4 removed from consent. Fence issue for more privacy doesn't meet see-through zoning requirements. Russo concerned about precedent. Mooney wants Police Chief review. Drucker n Bell agree it's needed for privacy of hot tub.

Russo has conflict with item 8.

On the floor

Item 2 - Nestle here in force (6) to present their new R&D building.

Variances needed because of MetroPark Req to have no buildings within 300 ft. Very heavy buffering at park and Cannon. Trees on 5 ft mound

Room for expansion. 150K 3 story glass/steel building. Reiterated that a gate separates RD from factory.

Grass height var to allow high natural grass behind screening.

No objections to var, so they stand. Site plan approved by counsel w contingencies.

Item 12 Neptune Plat on 2nd reading, people have come to speak against it.

It was handled like a second public hearing. [This is unusual, but its the higher level of resident concern with the support of their councilwoman, that gave them this extra opportunity to voice their concerns.]

Resident voiced objections, and questioned who would be responsible. Two residents spoke, of the 4 present.  The suggestion that the city should be held responsible was met with silence.  The developer committed to being responsible and is putting up a bond.

The developer countered that he is not a "hit and run" developer   He's been doing this for 30 yrs and lives in his own development.

Busch spoke of water issues. Busch wants to take more swags through the development away from Cleveland Sewer.

Kraus discussed the need to approve this peliminary plat to move forward and the future hurdles the developer would need to navigate.

Nancy continued to express concerns. Kraus appreciates concerns and said this has been an "exhaustive review". Mooney ready to move. Bell agrees with Kraus. Pelunis said "We've heard enough."  Toni made motion to approve, passed 6-1, Meany opposed.

Item 13 Rezoning of 2 acres near GE will get another public hearing.

Item 14 Chicago Deli is applying for a Liquor permit. No hearing requested. Russo abstained. No hint on their plans.

Item 17 Deer Mgt Program $40 / hr not to exceed 200 hrs ($8000). Passed 7-0 under suspension.

During round table

All 5 unions reached agreement w/ o outside counsel. This was pushed by Mayor.

Mayor relayed a success story with MRI Software and a job creation grant for about 240 jobs and they now have employed over 300 people.

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