Friday, October 5, 2012

US Military Role in the World

What is the purpose of the US military?

To protect its citizens?
To defend against Communism?
To protect national interests (oil)?  
To spread democracy?

With the recent failures of communism we've moved to policing the world.

Did our founding fathers envision this as a suitable pursuit?

Is it patriotic to pursue being the world's policeman, or is it arrogant?

Mitt said he'd increase the military by $2 T without them asking.  This will surely ring well with certain crowds who feed on patriotic machismo and bravado  and it will be great news to defense contractors everywhere, but is it the right priority for limited resources?

Besides the bills and dead citizens, what rewards are there for being the world's police?  Do we get a break on oil prices for saving Kuwait facilitating a near eutopian society that has no taxes, free education to PhD level, free health care, etc. ?  No, we don't even get their oil exploration contracts that they've mainly awarded to China.

Check out an interesting film on this very topic.

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