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Trouble with Elections in America

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I'll have some comments, but I wanted to get this video list out...

Practical Problems

Voting Block Party Platform Voting

Systemic Problems

As if all the practical problems aren't bad enough, our election system, when you view just the facts has many problems, so many problems, there's a YouTube Channel for it, that I highly recommend...   CGPGrey  He does other interesting videos too, but here are the ones related to election processes.

See these videos:

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained
Our method is closest to this, but its main problem is it devolves to a two party system with many voters not happy with either party causing an alternating power between the tow parties with neither one being liked by most people.

The Alternative Vote Explained
This method makes a slight improvement to the past first post method in that a third party can actually gain power without becoming a spoiler, thus allowing for productive evolution of politics beyond the two party system.

Mixed-Member Proportional Representation Explained 
This is an interesting method that allows parties to be properly represented to overcome spoiler voting.

Gerry Mandering is a century old way that we have corrupted the election process.  See the following videos.
Gerrymandering Explained 

Multiple Party Gerrymandering

The Shortest-Splitline Algorithm: a Gerrymandering Solution

Tne following videos show how our antiquated system with its bizarre oddities can deprive the public of the will of the majority.

Primary Elections Explained

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