Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Safety Oct 10

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Bells mic is off for the whole meeting.

Item #4 Kruse drive signal is "unwarranted" so ODOT regulations require that it be taken down or paid for.  An agreement was made that the shopping center will pay for it.

Item #5 Russo introduced the item as URS (external traffic engineer) will not get an automatic renewal as they did last year.  Everyone was quick to point out that nothing is wrong with URS, its just that we should have a competitive bid.

Item #6 BB Rd sign, engineering asked for sign, police chief doesn't know why. There was a sign. Since chief was not for it and asst Eng didn't know, delayed until next time. 

After the meeting one lone citizen clarified the issue for the asst city engineer, traffic engineer, committee chair and Mayor.  There has always been a sign there, previously it had words, during construction it was the new pictogram sign and now that BB Rd is "done" it was removed.

Unfortunately the person who needed to hear it (Police Chief), had left immediately from the meeting.

Item #7 Resident suggested 2nd right turn at Nestle. Eng agrees it's a problem, but believe 2nd lane would be abused.

Item #8 Mayor, electronic msg boards on SOM bridge. She sent a memo to council covering this item. This will complete the center of town master plan.

Retaining wall $175K
Bridge $675K
Msg Boards 2 x $50K

Still must get RR approval

City community signs 4 x $15K

Mayor wants to pass this to finance and budget for next year.  Mayor can't wait for RR to do it, they plan 50-100yr not 5-10yr as city's do.

Kraus very supportive, Bell ditto, right time to do it, Russo ditto? , in keeping with new development. Russo not sure if community signs fitting in, ie. coming in E on Aurora, shocked at bridge cost.

Kraus recommended, but mayor back pedaled, she wasn't asking for a recommendation  just for budget only, so Kraus modified his motion.  Russo is on finance and safety, other finance members are Mooney (fiscal conservative) and Meany (favors administration).

Interesting that the Mayor is bringing this item forward rather than Frankland and that Frankland did was not there to support the Mayor's request.

Solon Patch covered this here.


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