Thursday, October 11, 2012

Message Board

Here are some suggestions for the electronic message boards proposed from the forum:

“If you have time to read this message, it means you’re stuck in traffic “

“I went Tijuana and all I got was this lousy message board”

“Look at our million dollar gazebo up ahead! Your tax dollars at work”

“See that building over there? Subsidized opera inside.”

“We would have gotten the two million dollar message board, but we had to give a million to Nestles”

“Drive safe: No texting- it makes you take your eyes off the road”

“Only 180 shopping days to Home days”

“Thunderstorms and fireworks tonight”

"Avert eyes, CVS building ahead."

"Can't sleep at night?? Try counting bollards."

"Day Glo Eagle thanks you for obeying the speed limit."

"It's called Western Reserve. And we own it."

A cartoon of Stryker walks across the screen, and he says: "Got drugs?? I'll get YOU!!!"

"Now Playing at the SCA: "Don SolonJoe3"

"Welcome to Tree City USA ... except for the Bainbridge Road part."

"FOR SALE: Lightly used million dollar message board"

"NOTICE: All signage must comply with our zoning ordinances"

"Don't blame city hall! You elected us" 

Don't Blame Us For That Ugly Vacant Gas Station ... We Wanted A Double DriveThru McDonald's

Please Double Flush in Solon . . . Our Sewer Rates Depend On YOU!!!!

Need a Driveway Variance??? Take a Hike!!!!

Earn Rewards. Report Outlaw Treehouses.

An e-picture cartoon of SolonJoe3 appears, being chased by an empty pair of pants: "Approach with Caution. Phone City Hall if Sighted."

Is there such a thing as a "Western Reserve" font?

"If you like this sign, thank a Taxpayer, if you don't, blame those people over there"

"Welcome to Solon, this way to the Giant Egress"

"You are here ↓"

"Aurora Rd - 0.1 Miles ahead - 15Min"

Question? Are these the same people who wouldn't let Walgreens get an electronic sign a couple years ago because it would be too much of a distraction to drivers and pose a major safety issue???

"Variance? We don't need no variance. We don't have to apply for no steeenking variance!"


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