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Council Oct 15

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At caucus

GetGo discussion on pump advertising, Mooney asked why the restriction, Frankland said zoning,  Mooney wondered aloud why every gas station in Solon ignores that.

A link to the text for Solon issues is on the Solon home page on the right side.  Also see this post.

The purpose of caucus is to review the Agenda thus removing confusion during the meeting.  But it is becoming more of a trend to rush through the agenda so they can start the meeting early and then go into executive session BEFORE the scheduled 7:30 start time and then typically starting the meeting late while the public waits.  This has several negative consequences

  1. No chance for constituents to discuss an issue BEFORE the council meeting
  2. Agenda Confusion 

At this meeting Agenda Confusion occurred several times

  1. xx

Executive Session, Late Start (as has become the norm)

At mtg

Paulson blasts SOM Bridge msg board project, both on distraction and expense.

Item 1 Solid fence to reestablish privacy removed by Pettibone Rd project.

Police chief withdrew safety concerns. Resident spoke. Council let valences stand.

Item 3/2  GetGo var discussed. Some confusion on handling the agenda.

Bollards replaced with planters and smaller bollards (because of zero curbing).

Wing walls to hide outside vending for propane and ice.

Mooney used to work at BP and things planters collect trash, prefers shorter, fewer bollards. Russo concerned about maintaing plants. Toni supports this.

This smaller location not likely to be 24/7 unless traffic warranted

Variance allowed to stand without objection.

Site plan w revised planter/bollards approved 5-2 with Mooney & Russo voting NO.

 Item 2 old bollard plan removed 7-0.

Item 11  Rescheduled public hearing on zoning of land between GE and Carrinngton Court

First developer asked for time and to delay rezoning to office. Has option to buy.

Three legal issues
  • Moratorium
  • Emergency zoning
  • Rezoning

Gross builders (Senior Center) talked in supporting rezoning to office. They have homes very close the parcel. Noise, hours, smells.

Pelunis agrees with developer.

Meany said it should go to voters.

MasterPlan and zoning recommendation to rezone back to office

Mooney thinks office unlikely small on such a small parcel.

No action can occur until at least Jan 25? Or longer depending on issue 87.

More agenda confusion.

Mooney motioned to move to ballot 5-2. Kraus & Pelunis voted against it.

Item 13 Referred to planning.

Item 14 New rules on city easements passed as an emergency.

At roundtable

Bell thanked passage of item 14 to make it clearer.

Mayor had 6 announcements
  • Mail-in ballots require 65 cents postage.
Leaf pickup, not in street, see web.

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