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Bubba's BBroad Ignorance

5481. Bubba's BBroad Ignorance
by bbrdres, 06/09/12 11:37 PM

This is of course in response to post 5476. titled ".BBroad Crybabies.." whose outlandish  punctuation gives the author away as bubbaburgers and whose strange posts is only outdone by his total ignorance about the BB Rd project.

This post won't last long so you can find it in a safe place on and of course you can follow the BB Rd project on which has a sidebar with reference documents, etc.

He says, with his usual punctuational flare " your state check, call a landscaper and have trees with state cash and shut up already..!!!!!!!!!!!!.."  Then later accuses Joe of not doing his research.

First, there was no state check, it was a county project, that outsourced real estate issues to OR Colan (a private company) who low balled the 150+ residents so the county could issue the lowest compensation possible.

If Bubba was paying attention, to my posts or my blog, he'd know that the average OR Colan offer was $100 per mature tree over 20 ft and smaller trees were offered less.

What do you think a 20 ft tree costs to buy and install?  More than $100 maybe?

Bubba please enlighten us on a what we can get with all that cash from your landscaper.

As for "shutting up", that's just what local govt would like, and what nearly everyone on BB Rd did, they STFU because everyone knows you can't fight city hall.

Well a few of us didn't know that, so we formed an LLC, pooled money, put our own experts on retainer and we tried to fight the county first on the unnecessary million dollar temp road that the city requested and will most likely have to pay for in the future.

We were surprised the county didn't care but the city (former law director Matty) raced in to demand the wasteful road...  Why?

The city promised to help restore property damaged by THEIR temp road, but that same law director proffered an illegal agreement that our lawyers insisted we could not sign.

In court the county tried to blame the city and the jury was not too happy with that stunt nor the invalid city contract that was admitted into evidence (Call me Lobe).

When a dozen people raised issues with the low estimates, the county spent THOUSANDS of dollars per case on outsourced experts to prevent fair compensation as state law requires, rather than offer that money as a good faith counteroffer.  When we won our first case where it was proven in court that OR Colan low balled residents and where a jury decided the proper compensation should be much higher, the county appealed the case, spending thousands more but offering the residents nothing.  When they lost the appeal they took their sweet time cutting the checks.  Some residents are still waiting for their compensation.

When govt wants to abuse its residents, it is only the brave and perseverant who stand up for the betterment of ALL CITIZENS.  Be glad there were a few brave people who called the govt on their misdeeds while others (like you Bubba) languished blissfully in their ignorance.

BTW Bubba, did you know this free project has cost the city over $1.2M so far?  If you did your research before you opened your big mouth, you'd know that.

So Bubba, I'd like to tell YOU to just ...$%^@ S .. T .. F .. U .. !!@$

5476. .BBroad Crybabies..
by bubbaburgers, 06/08/12 7:54 AM 

Re: Almost forgot... by GarryKanter, 06/08/12 7:54 AM your state check, call a landscaper and have trees with state cash and shut up already..!!!!!!!!!!!!..

5476. Standing up to the "man" is not being a cry-baby!
by solonjoe3, 06/09/12 11:10 AM 

Re: Almost forgot... by GarryKanter, 06/09/12 11:10 AM


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