Friday, January 6, 2012

My prediction

They'll be lots of saber rattling, canon ball shooting and genital measurements, but when its all said and done, there will be a settlement out of court, NO ONE wants a jury trial, not Susan, not Sally.  The judge won't dismiss it based on the city's answer.

And Sally won't walk away empty handed and that means you and I will be paying ransom for a person who got pissed, went AWOL, blackmailed the city and tarnished our image.  And to me, regardless of how the city handled things, I'm more pissed at the blackmailer.

If you or I pulled that shit, we'd be out in the cold, no one would be feathering our nests, I just want public employees to be treated the same as the private sector, and in the private sector NO ONE is guaranteed a job for life.

NOTE: Response posted here because Solon Forum flagged language even after "genital" and "pissed" were removed...

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