Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's so hard to understand?

Yes I speak at city hall, on TV and in print media, so what, challenge me on what I said, disagree in a civil manner as SolonJoe3 often does, fine. 

But that doesn't give people the right to harass me, misuse my copyrighted photo to put on a female body in homoerotic position with another person, drive by my house in a menacing manner, dig into my personal life and publish details. And why does this happen, because I disagee with Bob and say so, because an outside interloper disagrees with me so he deems my opinions and statements as lies. He demands proof from me, but offers none in return, he's the might BSer and it's tru simply because he says so. 

This all started because Joe said Susan practices dirty tricks, he claims that Drucker or her supporters attacked Bob about his felony record. Joe doesn't say much about how Bob and his supporters attacked Susan on her ties to the Dem machine. Joe considers that OK because it's "true" (BSer logic). But why isn't it OK to bring up Bob's felony, its true too. Maybe he thinks Bob's felony was exaggerated, well so are Susan's ties, otherwise she'd be in jail. 

My contention is Bob's dirty tricks are worse and I think the abuse I received with one small mention of Bob proves that point. Show me how anyone else on this forum has been ridiculed so viciously by so many IDs in such a short time for criticizing Susan... YOU CAN'T, so I rest my case, it has been PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT that Bob and/or his supporters are much more vicious. 

BSer will say he doesn't support Bob, but he can't explain his violent reaction to my mere mention of Bob's name, nor can he explain all the time he spent caputuring images from copyrighted sources and creating at least 6 videos to harass me.  There is an easy explanation, that he is the liar.  Again PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT.

Why did I post this, because BSer asked for proof.

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